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What should people pay attention to when they wear Fozhu, bracelets

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Now people like to take some gold chain, wooden Fozhu or bracelet on the wrist. This is beautiful and a self-cultivation. But some people do not pay attention to the methods and occasions of wearing, and lost on the energy contained in bracelets. How can people avoid these problems?

First, in the case of the following situations, please wear bracelets left

  • Important Meetings, for example: job fair, project fair, bidding general assembly and the like;
  • Places where people want to get a good luck, for example: the examination room, the lottery stand, draw the scene, sports stadium, the auction site, and so on;
  • Places such as banks, jewelry stores, treasury, luxury stores, the Stock Exchange, the company's financial department, and so on;
  • Some happy and peaceful ceremony, for example: the temple opening ceremony, all kinds of ceremony, wedding, birthday party, school and graduation ceremony, cut the ribbon and so on;
  • To visit respected elders and superiors, for example: seniors, teachers, scholar, old superior, VIP and so on.

Second, going to the following places, please wear bracelets right

  • Places such as grave, deep forests, old houses, old hospitals etc;
  • Places such as the inside court, hospitals, slaughterhouses, murder scenes, etc.;
  • Places such as karaoke bars, casinos, bars, cinemas, subway stations, markets, buses, ships and other cabin;
  • Places such as car wash, near the prison, public toilets, garbage dumps, sewage plants and other filthy places and so on;
  • To visit full of negative energy of people: such as drug addicts, thieves, prisoners and so on.

Third, no matter what the circumstances are, people should not wear both hands

Some people like to take bracelets on both hands. This is unlucky. People take somthing on their both hands, only one, that is, handcuffs! Therefore, If you really want to, have to always wear bracelets of all, it is recommended that all wear it on one hand.

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