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Starting from zero to understand Astrology

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Astrology popular in the network so that a lot of people really want to understand what exactly is astrology? Astrology to foretell human affairs Alchemy, also known as the ‘astrological’, ‘astrology’.

In the early stages of the original social and cultural development, are very low due to the level of people's knowledge and productivity, some laws of natural phenomena is not sure, so people living in Kyrgyzstan, fierce curse, blessing some natural phenomena together. Early astrology is the constellation observations of divining the more significant events, such as the victory or defeat of the war, the rise and fall of the state or nation, as well as the fate of the king or the minister, and later gradually extended to the fate of individuals and the chores of daily life. Moon and star running regular gradually be revealed, astrology thrown a variety of systems and complex calculation method, show even more mystery. The ancient Hou astrology entirely official, government astronomical facilities work. The vast majority of the astronomers of the ancient Hou astrologer, early astronomical works mostly with the astrological factors. Existing the ancient Hou astrology book mainly Tang Chunfeng the Otomi account ", Gautama Siddha" Kaiyuan by "the Northern Song WANG Anshi Li-rebuilt Lingtai Secret Garden" Ming Dynasty "elephant playing ancient.

In the West, the Middle Ages King astrologers as high participation, often ask them to astrological divination to determine the decisions of major political events. But then, Western astrology gradually developed to the personal astrology. For example, according to a person born the position of the sun and the moon star in the zodiac, projections fortune-telling horoscope fate divination personal life. Astrology far-fetched to the planetarium and the personnel linked to the length of Science. However, astrology certain role in promoting the development of astronomy in ancient times Hou. To astrology, people pay attention to astronomical observations, the ancient China Houfeng Fu Sky records mostly the ancient Hou person To Astrology recorded motivation, they are not only valuable historical heritage but also for solving some of the major contemporary astronomy topics academic value. The ancient astronomers Hou, often the the astrologers; the ancient Hou astronomical writings, often with astrology ingredients.

Chinese astrology

In the East, it is early in the Neolithic Age divination. At the same time, the origin of the universe system with it (especially medical) applications. The soothsayer is hollowed out in advance in a few determined point cattle scapula or turtle (smart, very long, so good advice can be obtained through it) crustaceans. A topic to an ancestor of King's, a burning stick into a too abstract. Cracks under the action of forces or graphics (Oracle, the predecessor of the "Book of Changes") can be interpreted to predict the future. Divination 4000 BC The earliest remains found in northern China.

In the Shang Dynasty (1500 BC to 1030), some soothsayers perennial help in the King's side, in order to ensure that the policies and governance regime, whether it is appropriate to understand the hunting and next food will be favorable or unfavorable. The same subject is engraved in crustaceans or bone, such as in accordance with the side of the front side instead of the way. It was found to have such a small text, that is the secret archive. Inventory out of the papers word of God more than 100,000.

Oracle has aroused the attention of the Chinese authorities, they decided to carry out excavations in the last Shang Dynasty capital in Anyang (Henan Province). Exploration work since 1920, has been to fear to Japan's invasion of China in 1937, a total of more than 150,000 fragments, a method of divination bones disappeared, with the overthrow of the Western Zhou Dynasty (1050-771 BC) . "Book of Changes" has become a new oracle, people with yarrow this sacred plant stems to question it. Full of smart, yin and yang with the combinations can be created all things.

Judging from the fragments found in China, Asia divination historical data is also Tibet survived this war-torn areas with less. There found the teachings of the mysterious king volt meter (2852-2738 BC), he wrote a book of divination and astrology. According to legend, in the era of his reign, the domestic to the body of a horse head monster, back engraved gossip, are three lines of the symbol, which is the basis of the "Book of Changes".

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