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Starting from zero to understand Astrology

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The basic terms of astrology

Astrology is a person born star map. Technically speaking, it represents the projection of the planets on the ecliptic (the plane of the solar system, shaped like a flat cake). Sky at the time of the birth of a lifelong change latent basis. It's like a business card, along with his live their lives. It explains his basic nature, that is, this particular incarnation of expression. (Starting from the perspective of everyone on the ground in real life), this person was placed in the center of this picture, that on Earth from the center of the earth. There is a heliocentric (sun-centered) method, nothing more rarely used, because it does not apply to the actual experience of each person's daily life. 

The birth of the hour

Day divided into four equal parts, according to the hour of birth of the sun in one aliquot, at the same time in the house of the ecliptic. Thus the date of birth to determine the sun's Palace, the hour determined STAR Palace. A decisive combination for this person, STAR determine how the sun's Palace specific performance out. Each quarter equal parts divided into three Palace, Palace and a special activity area corresponding.

STAR (life master)

STAR was born on the eastern horizon Palace, is calculated in accordance with the local time of the birth of. It shows a man and his life represent how the entity is placed in the earth, and portrayed his relationship with the surrounding environment. Decline Constellation (Constellation) on the western horizon symbolizes relationships with others. Horizon, the sky is divided into two semi-circular, day center (power) is the zenith to the bottom of the day (the source) to the end of days.


The corresponding area of ​​life with each Palace experienced it contains ecliptic constellation. Unique overlap, each planetarium manager, Palace on Wheels and the ecliptic round:

Palace numbered horoscope, retrograde clockwise rotation from 1 to 12.

  • 1 Palace: Survival. Personality, style, vitality and health. The courage to face the world.
  • 2 Palace: has. Energy, money, reward
  • 3 Palace: AC. Thinking (specific spiritual life), Word changes, meet, keep in touch with friends and family.
  • 4th house: foundation. Genetic, family, ancestors, family, cultural, social and emotional sources.
  • 5th house: to create. Creative expression, the happiness and joy of life, work, feelings and love life, children.
  • 6th house: Governance. The specific organization, working time, specifications, family life, disease.
  • 7th house: sharing. Relationships with others, couple, marriage, Association, an opponent or rival.
  • 8th house: change. Join the crisis, change, sexuality, and the unconscious strength, death and rebirth.
  • 9th house: beyond their own. Found that the most broad horizon, travel, mental, spiritual and religious life (in his spiritual orientation).
  • 10th house:. Fate, social performance, career, power in society.
  • 11 Palace: socially. Friendship, socially involved, participate in group activities, ideal.
  • 12 Palace: heart. Inner life, mysticism, secret garden, beyond themselves, to cover up the pain.
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