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Annual operating cycle of the sun and planets

The number of planets 10. The sun and the moon (light body). Mercury and Venus are the inner planets (the inside of the Earth's orbit), Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are visible outer planets; Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are "distant" and invisible to the naked eye planets. The planets each function are affected by it in the constellation of the characteristics of and Palace within.

  • Sun: energy center, it sends and heat, and light shot out, a symbol of the self, sober personality, will, to the Supreme (King) power belongs to men.
  • Moon: orbital period: 27 days. It was like a silver mirror in the vigil. Symbol of the sensitivity of the unconscious, passion, susceptibility, and complexity, motherhood, belongs to the women.
  • Mercury: orbital period: 88 days, which is the longest rotation planets, formerly known as mercury, always rely on the sun. A symbol of strength, clever and smart, ideological, intellectual, nervous system, AC contactor.
  • Venus: orbital period: 225 days. Turn upside down, surrounded by clouds. Symbol of emotion, aesthetic sense, the pursuit of harmony and adaptation, female beauty, peace and love.
  • Mars: orbital period: almost 2 years. Red and dry planet, a symbol of male fighting strength, action and conquest.
  • Jupiter: orbital period: 12 years. With erythema giant planets. Strong energy radiation. A symbol of growth and expansion, success, mutual affinity and generosity.
  • Saturn: orbital period: 29 and a half years. Halo around the planet. Symbol of ascetic, will, focus, structure, lonely, deep.
  • Uranus: orbital period: 84 years. Orbital plane almost perpendicular to the equatorial plane, a symbol of individuality, creativity, originality, electricity or electromagnetic energy, technical.
  • Neptune: orbital period: 165 years. Full of gas giant planets and distant. Symbol of artistic inspiration, connected to the emotional, spiritual love, spiritualism, fantasy and mystery.
  • Pluto: orbital period: 248 years, a very distant asteroid. A symbol of change, destruction and regeneration in vivo alchemy, nuclear energy.

Orientation of the zodiac and the stars

The zodiac animal ring, with a circular ring of the sky, which can be observed in the motion of the planets. From the since Mesopotamia person, it is oppression divided into 12 equal parts are 30-degree angle, that is symbolized by the animal or person twelve "Palace". Each house shall be associated with the behavior of a set of features, the nature and type. In Western astrology, the Palace (in line with the natural cycle of the seasons) corresponding to the points in the spring equinox (white number one Palace 0 degrees) to determine.

According to the transformation between the different orientations of the planets, their interactions, and thus determined points, to develop the interpretation of the planetarium. Each planet and it controls one or both of the Palace Contact: Mars Aries and Scorpio Venus in Taurus and Libra, Mercury with a double uterus and Virgo, Moon and Cancer on the sun Leo, Jupiter and Sagittarius and Pisces, Saturn, Capricorn and Aquarius, Uranus and Aquarius, Neptune in Pisces, Pluto and Scorpio.


  • Aries has a vibrant, active and decisive characteristics and manly, is a leader.
  • Taurus ability to accept with patience and creativity, female characteristics, is a builder.
  • Gemini good at encounter and exchange of openness, they are the messengers.
  • Cancer on emotional, sensitive the protector and dreamer, a mother.
  • Leo is the creator, radiant, proud, strong, passionate, is a father.
  • Virgo is good at organizing, checks, fit and self-protection, can be monitored.
  • Libra relationships with others to figure out their own personality, is a partner.
  • Scorpio stubborn, extreme, intense experience their passion, connected with the mystery of the air force.
  • Sagittarius full of passion, in his exploration of the world to express themselves, is an adventurer.
  • Capricorn good at planning, the pursuit of ambitious goals and explore the mysteries, is a master of.
  • Aquarius-sharing and involvement of all mankind, is humanism.
  • Pisces mysterious and poetic, devoted to the pursuit of eternal consistent with God. 

Orientation (phase)

The orientation of the relative position between the planets. With some horizontal lines in the ecliptic ring, and measure between two of the stars observed through Longitude (degrees or radians) manifested. Palace and Constellation connected at the same time, also known as the angular displacement of the stars orientation capable of displaying a variety of combinations of planetary influence, and thus all harmony or internal conflict between the description of the different characteristics of a person's relationship. The orientation of the two planets look together, red, Right Angle, one-third of the seat and on the sixth seat. Other orientations are not large, mixed together (0) is the energy of the two planets, but that does not prejudge their ability to cooperate. One third of the (120) and sixths of a (60), the two planets to support each other. Right Angle shows tension or conflict between the two planets, and red indicates their balance and alternately. Half sixth on the seat (30 degrees) is a weakening on the sixth seat, half a right angle (45 degrees) and a half times right angle (135 degrees), the two planets are full of vitality. Five twelfths (150 degrees), Block opposite is a need to go beyond the limits, do not forget the fifth pair of seat (72) is a shining creative orientation.

  • The orbit of the moon and phase: as a satellite of the Earth, the Moon circadian rhythm, which began in the planetarium and an equally important role in nature.
  • Circular direction: from right to left, the moon from new moon without interrupting the increase to the full moon, then do not interrupt reduced from the full moon to another new moon. 

Lunar month

Earth's annual revolution around the sun, the moon around the earth's rotation (about a year of revolution 13). Different orientation occupied in its orbit, the Earth can see it more or less bright parts: what the new moon can not see (see photo), then the new moon does not interrupt the expansion of the First Quarter, the gibbous moon ; the full moon (see figure), the visible part of the fully illuminated. Full cycle of lunar month (29 days and a half between the two crescent).

  • Moon phase: in human birth Sky, moon phases is this person's psychological tendencies.
  • New moon: a mysterious, quiet quiet silence, when the ideas and creativity.
  • First Quarter: the gradual release of energy and determined action.
  • Full moon: the time of program success (or failure).
  • The Last Quarter suitable for a summary of the people, the lessons learned and have experience in the use of. 
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