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Signs of the sun and the moon

  • Sun (the conscious part of the personality) and the moon (sensitive part of his life) are two lights, they said human psychology, male and female in the same person's body in a coordinated manner.
  • Volatile moon
  • Symbolizes the mood of the moon due to the rotation period of rapid change and day-to-day worries. Can be found in the French idiom expression, such as 'bienou mal luné' (refers to the mood or depression), the 'lunatique' (capricious).

Comprehensive interpretation

In order to explain a planetarium, see the same characteristics in the different uses of the record several times to intervene. Such as the moon (Saturn clash) that emotional sensitivity and family life, planets, Venus and Jupiter linked to the the Pisces house of Mars and the sun red) (Pluto and Mercury in together. Moon - Saturn this constellation Libra the house of STAR linked, which means that health and back pain. Placed in the 6th house orientation of Investigation, the moon is also related to the professional activities.

Modern astrology does not seek seems has nothing to do with the willingness of everyone's predictions for the future, but by the description of the effects on mental function and its external reality, to examine the practical experience with a creative eye. It explores the potential development, and draw some possible solutions often leads to positive changes in the analysis of various difficulties. In contrast with the idea of ​​determinism, it is based on the concept of any difficulties may be transformed into measures.


Transition guessing skills to occupy a selected position, because it depicts the moment of all changes itself contains various tendencies. On birth planetarium, the transition in line with the various planets through some sensitive points, such as STAR, days, or () Personal planet from the Sun to Mars. The transition triggered planetary potential on the point that it encountered.

Transition point is more a matter of personal (op star, the sun, the moon), the the slower transitions planet, the stronger the effect of the transition. For example, one such planets like Uranus, it was completed with 84 zodiac whole life to all points in the planetarium activated without interruption. After a period when of Fengyun slow planet on the moon, is well known, the transition will be different according to age and cause the familiar changes (marriage, divorce or birth). Saturn revolution of 29 years and a half, life after three on each point of the planetarium, this effect is certainly smaller, but it is also meaningful. The transition several planets tend to influence each other, linked to planetarium orientation with different points.

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