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Third, Gold and wood forming gold wooden arch - the lucky one of love and wealth

Natal gold wood together, a symbol of the main dish innate has a strong capacity for love, and the capacity to love others sincerely. Stability and elegant temperament of its people, interpersonal measured propriety, integrity and noble character, gives a sense of optimism, but also easy to get a good impression of others (whether heterosexual or homosexual). Of metal and wood, even if the fat will not be embarrassed or even fat is still full of confidence. Have this phase, love, lucky also attendant, of course, they do not easily start a love. They have been well aware of what they want love, what kind of love, but also know how to love, so it will not encounter confused entanglement love relationship. Feelings once you start, they show focused and willing to pay for each other, will be rewarded.

Of metal and wood, in addition to love, money is also useful inspiration and luck, or tend to have a unique and accurate eyesight vision and self-confidence for money. They are also very happy heart a class of people, no matter in what state of life will be very satisfied. But too smooth and stable life, may also cause the development of their life limitations. Of course, Venus and Jupiter together in different constellations, the difference is still very large. For example, gold wood together in Taurus, Aries with metal and wood together in the former over the latter.

Gold wood arch friends with golden wood together friends situation is broadly similar, unless there is other bad phase interference, or love and financial aspects of the lucky ones.

Fourth, golden wood punishment - how to love is not enough

The golden wood criminal also no shortage of good-looking appearance, but the punishment phase energy between Venus and Jupiter is not stable in a certain stage of their life will have a tendency to gain weight suddenly. Of metal and wood, gold wood punishment fat, there will be a sense of loss of control, it would be more humiliating, and therefore also easy to feel depressed. The golden wood criminal friends narcissism often thought the other heterosexual unintentional move Chilian.

Jupiter and Venus this relationship represents a blind confidence in the relationship with the opposite sex, it is difficult to have long-term stability of the opposite sex of pure friendship. They need a lot of love, hope to experience a different love, can also be divided into love very much, mainly due to heart to love one person is not self-confidence and insecurity. Just like some people are born just like to love a person, golden wood punishment are naturally inclined to love very many people. And yet always lamenting why no one can be enough to give lots of love, do not play fast and loose. Wood criminal often encountered in love accidentally, but there will not be too tragic. Lifetime fiscal fiscal go around, it does not seem so wishes, do not want to.

Fifth, Gold counteracts wood - material and spiritual conflict

Venus represents the secular, we can enjoy all the food and color; Jupiter represents spiritual joy out of substances, such as religious beliefs, philosophical thinking, quiet soul. Golden wood Chong's friends, unlike gold wood together friends, always both of us may complement each other, but for them, it felt missing another. A golden wood and red, the more rich material life, the talks are not happy and not satisfied, addicted to substances secular enjoyment, they will be more and more confused and powerless. When he (she) do not understand this lack of a sense of where they come from, it may be thought that the substance is not enough rich and intensified its pursuit, but the result will be more lost. Only when they find the problem, understand their own source of happiness from the balance of the material and the spiritual, which side are not too heavy or too light, like a tightrope-like skills to maintain middle course in the meantime, have a calm serenity life.

Red golden wood is also full of self-confidence, and even fraternity, willing to pay for people in need, and sometimes there will be a tendency to overly nice guys. They was full of warmth and dramatic singular personality will attract very many people, but the energy of this attractive Unlike metal and wood together friends so stable and loyal, are all due to their instability. Money for them is the same in all gold wood phase, this phase is the most likely to have squandered luxury habits, of course, gold wood alloy wood punishment also has a generous habit to spend money, but not as good as gold wooden red flower soft the extent of Tuisuan, the golden wood energy punch of older or slowly balance, the key is Tray willing to learn from their own experience without interrupting improved.

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