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Six, Five Star Pente - the highest Excellencies

In China's ancient astrology, old Star cases above mentioned five-star Pente format. According to Zhang Guo boss cents, this format is a case of life of, the highest in Three! Modern parlance, that is, the Minister, the President-class VIP! This really is tempting fate, let everyone to have a good discussion.

Star were in accordance with the old fruit, star Lianzhu is water, gold, fire, wood, earth five planets in the chart Shun cloth continuously without interruption. For example, Mercury in Gemini, Venus in Taurus, Mars in Aries, Jupiter in Pisces, Saturn in Capricorn. Since these planets into the temple Wang coherent position, and five-star, all in one, even if each other some small criminal impulse, however majestic mutual coherence between the planets can be good luck, and hence this format bit Habitat Excellencies, not exaggeration.

From the point of view of modern astrology chart, one, two stars to enter the location of the temple Wang, basically ordered the main dish in some respects has endless benefits, water, gold, fire, wood, earth star fall into the wang Temple, ordered the main dish is you can not be made of the potential. However, this view sometimes have to correct that Uranus was discovered in 1781, Neptune was discovered in 1846, Pluto is even more late 1930 only to find Zhang Tai Sin, Sri Lanka has long been riding a crane away, ancient astrology and not included in the analysis of these three planets, three planets influence, however, must not be underestimated.

For example, the July 2002 Xunri, heaven Saturn, the Moon, Mercury, Sun, Jupiter, Mars, Venus the seven Lianzhu the vision, although not all those entering the temple Wang position, but the magnetic field of the planet mutual induction, which was originally pretty strong, but unfortunately, Sri Lanka Uranus Venus, the Pluto hedge Saturn, causing the stock market crash, earthquake again and again, the Middle East is in turmoil, a child born at this time, good luck while inevitably contaminated with this violent atmosphere for parents who have a good idea of ​​to cultivate these children.

Furthermore, like celebrity Hsu Hsin-liang, seven Lianzhu of the chart, Saturn, Uranus, Jupiter, Sun, Venus, the Moon, Mercury, is the standard cartoons Dragon Ball (^ _ ^) big shot, got the upper hand when, badly capability. But the past few years Transit disk Pluto happens to hedge many stars, so the course fate can not be made, paid off, with many good opportunities has always been poor, have honed while Grand Canal will come!

These cases are even five-star Six Star Seven Star Lianzhu of, or to test the filter Uranus, Neptune and Saturn's influence is the solution. But then again, the influence between the planets are independent, so the fate star Pente, there will be five-star Pente good luck As for the fate of other planets criminal impulse, or transit disk criminal red, just add some challenge factor in luck. criminal impulse is to hone and enhance the important job of the wisdom of life, and does not eliminate the original format. In fact, like the four corners of fate is not worse than the fate of the triangular five-star Lianzhu with the criminal impulse is also very challenging, as long as the successful completion of the challenges of life, the wisdom of life will be more successful in this life instead of life scores will be higher.

You or your friends Five Dragon Ball, six Dragon Ball or Dragon Ball? Cherish, whether it is Pearl, are by no means a thing in the pool!

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