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Seven, five stars toward the bucket - officers or prime minister

Fate analysis of classical astrology, old star cases ", said the five-star toward the bucket, or poor prime minister Hind Wing. Means that a person's water, gold, fire, wood, earth five stars to enter the position of the bucket, this is bound to be that rich format.

Let me further explain the significance of this star toward the bucket. Said bucket, Pisces, classical astrology think Pisces is the palace of the emperor, also known as crape myrtle Palace. Five planets gathered in the imperial palace, so for the chart, the main magnetic field sensitivity, natural super strong life.

However, this argument is to be done to correct. Since this statement is established before Uranus, Neptune and Pluto was discovered, Sri Lanka Pisces Jupiter when the main star. After the three stars of the day, the sea, deep, however, the main star of Pisces amended to Neptune, Jupiter is the main star of Sagittarius. Therefore, the definition of the star toward the bucket should be amended to five stars to enter Sagittarius. Since Jupiter is the first planet, representing the growth and self-confidence, who are subject to Jupiter's magnetic field induction into the planet of Sagittarius, life has a super fortune can imagine. The Mercury represents communication thinking, Venus represents wealth Art, Mars represents ambition and mobility, Saturn behalf of the ability to construct and perseverance, these planets are at the same time sensitive to Jupiter shining, indeed you can not be made!

This fate, however, to be corrected, that is to say, if this five stars by Uranus, Neptune or Pluto square or opposition, that the fortune also correct, of course, honorable format will not change, however, life will be more twists and turns , tend to be a late bloomer.

Also, if return to the "old fruit Stars were originally defined, a plate of life Pisces while five stars, or large rich you do? Basically, the star toward the bucket itself is Quaker, fall into the Palace of which are strong, but fall into Sagittarius happens to be Jupiter Rumiao, so stronger; As for the star toward the bucket from falling into Pisces, Pisces temperament will be subject to impact of its people still distinguished, but would be more compassionate the bosom mind, with the artistic temperament, with compassion among the rich, of course, is a good thing! Moreover, if the star toward the bucket plus the sun and the moon palace, said Seven sanitation, natural and toward the bucket stronger than the star; Sagittarius five stars, and the remaining two stars in Scorpio, Capricorn Block, sanitation, constitute Seven same is valued fate.

Consultation made in my life cases which can often see a lot of good format, but some parties fortune has yet to muddle unaware of their life in the possession of such a good treasure. Good fate is good, can I some point after you wake up like gave away, suddenly see the light, to find their own stage, really excited for them. I will be introducing some other fate, so that we have found the treasure map in his life, so, I believe I would be sure to go to heaven!

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