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 Eight, sanxing huichong - make a fortune in middle-aged

After a few lucky format, to introduce early years of hard work, a middle-aged fortune in his later years a great format - three criminal red.

Said on three criminal red (T-Square) refers to the chart, there are two stars with each other to form 180 degrees hedge, the two stars were formed with the addition of a star 90 degrees to the punishment phase.

In traditional astrology with classical Chinese numerology, the evaluation of the three criminal will be red is not good, that is a dangerous format, all subject to serious criminal impulse chart, there are three stars, representing the life have tension, stress, conflict and other factors, these criminal impulse hidden life gene disease, life entangled life the main dish. Transit disk criminal impulse paying particular attention to in order to avoid serious injury ........, so at first, it seems that three sentence will be red in the chart seems to be very bad?

However, if I tell you: Ronald Reagan, Wang and Cheng Yen Master, and so many great VIP are also three sentence will be red, and have created the present and the industry giant, three criminal red whether the Poti laugh it?

In fact, there is a very important concept, we have a correct perception: While criminal impulse will bring pressure, pressure, however, is not necessarily a bad thing, in many important stages of life, the pressure tends to stimulate a struggle forward momentum! Like my example of the big names, along the way in their lives are full of challenges, do very hard, however, is full of challenges, it can stimulate the maximum potential in life, the result will climb up the average person can not expect the peak! Therefore, for the chart the three sentence will be red, life achievement but may go beyond other formats, but along the way than others to redouble their efforts.

Three punishment would punch has a special feature is a late bloomer, generally in the 40-year-old will be cropped head. Three sentence will be red in the early years will not be able to adapt to a variety of criminal impulse pressure, or health factors cause trouble, or the external environment collision will think it is pretty hard work, always feel that can not suppress head . However to cross after 40, grow up, habits honed, rounded edges and corners, the value of life with the correct understanding, will gradually step-by-step climb up the peak. However, due to the three penalty will be red Down in the chart, even if up that ladder, you must still step by step, a Lu Xinlao finish, absolutely no relaxing moments. Spread out the history of the punishment will be red, you will find really books sad history, the history of struggle, authentic Cai Gen Tan.

Chart, blending phase, cropped head may be a little earlier, but generally have to wait until after the 30-year-old. All in all, the three criminal will be red is typical of the type of late bloomer, is also typical of hard struggle. The greatest achievement of this type is to old age can be very proud to tell all the people: each piece of each brick and tile toil to absolutely no tune with each other or the luck factor!

For three sentence will be red, there is one thing to be a little note: three sentence will be red early pressure will be relatively large, some people may be discouraged Chi, especially in Transit disk criminal impulse will inevitably self-pity. My suggestion is best for this phenomenon, to look Transit disk fortune punishment red, astrology exaggerated is known to treat the disease, a lot of things as long as know in advance you can effectively prevent.

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