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The fatal weakness of 12 constellations

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Taurus - stubborn stone

Stubborn to death is your upper hand, you can not live even for 24 hours if you do not use your stubbornness to protect yourself! You think that high eq can solve everything, so you would not like to see, listen, nor concentrate on feeling. You only use your superficial experience to make judgment, the result is to let people who love you extremely sad, but you remain the same, as innocent as a pig!

You can work very well of course because you will never show your sinister side easily.  In particular, you do not let your boss know this. However, your colleagues are quite unfortunate, because they will never know how you kick them down. Your dirty trick is to use your humble and weak appearance to cheat people. It is really very bad!

You seem to use your perseverance at the right place! If someone wants to change you or tries to communicate with you, I think he must be crazy! As he is doing an impossible task, the worst thing is that he is wasting time to do so, no one can change you!

Furthermore, you are very superficial, it is very suffering to talk with you because money is the only topin you are interested in. You often cry that you are so loyal in love. Ha, ha, do not joke, do not exaggerate! We all know how stingy you are! You love yourself best.

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