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The fatal weakness of 12 constellations

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Cancer - a coward who will always live in the shell

Do you feel good to hide in the shell everyday? Probably only you can live like this. You complain everyday, you always feel that others are hurting you, you are super-masochistic! Since you are not so important that others will hurt you. However, you like to echo what others say in order to get a little more care and a little more compassion from others, the truth is that you have no self-confidence, you will always need a little bit of recognition from others, this is really sad extremely.

No one in the world read the same Bible, so please do not use your own ruler to measure others. No people are born to accept other's values ​​and should not be changed by others, so please do not think that others are cruel to hurt you when you can not change others. Since the world is not yours, if you feel that others do not go according to the way you set, do not feel hurt because it is not that people look down on you.

You'd better be more rational. The excessive emotion is called ignorance, if everyone in the world just listen to the emotion like you, then the world will certainly not make progress, but also full of war everywhere and walk backward. Cancer people have the most motherly love, however, the great love of mother is nothing to do with you. You are super stupid in love! You always fall in love blindly and hard to extricate yourself. You are ultra-indulgent when eating, you do not feel shameful!

You always bear grudges, you can remember some trifle things for long time no matter whether others've apologized or explained to you, or simply a small honest mistake, you still hold a grudge. You are so self-contemptuous and pity, no one will care about you.

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