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The fatal weakness of 12 constellations

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Leo - take the applause as oxygen 

The worst leader in the world is you, because you only care about yourself, how could you become a commander of the armed forces? Do not dream anymore! Wait for three lifetimes! Who says you can be a star? You believe so implausible lies. You are expert in showing no matter whether others want to see or have time to see, you will show without stoping, I can only say you are selfish arrogant and overestimate yourself.

I know the face is very important to you, but have you ever thought about that you stepped someone else's face severely underfoot, deeply hurt those who truly are nice to you, you are really very muddy! You also can not understand the words? Because you are always only interested in what you are talking about, and never want to understand what others want to express in the end. 

You are very stupid because you always refuse to see the truth, so you are easily deceived and manipulated by some villains, but you still have fun doing it, because you like the honeyed words, which can let you feel that you are in paradise. You always think you are the best in the world, I really feel sad for you!

You're always in love, why? Because you will always be left behind and never know the real reason thaty your lover left you, and you have been changing the new lover, so you'll fall in love,forever and think you are very attractive. Believe me, when your lover breaks up with you, this guy really wants to get rid of this troublesome life, he will find out some ways to cheat you, you are wrong again, do not be self-pretentious, things are not as you think! Understand yet? Remember: If you want to control others, you will finally be controlled!

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