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The fatal weakness of 12 constellations

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Virgo - shortsighted wretch

Criticism became an addiction, no one any benefits, ok? The world's only psychiatric patients reported qualification has been annoying chatters, ok? In fact, Virgo is really worthy of sympathy, because there is no sense of security, but to stop the annoying chatters to vent. Of course, there were not on Virgin, do not think this is his nature, this represents the first, he was not familiar with you, have not been able to completely trust you; Second, he was taking Mensao protect themselves. Is annoying, Sao Sao friends also installed a perfect dead look.

I know deep down inside you want others to treat you as a decent person, however, you obviously is not, ah, is at best hypocritical nothing! Do you really think you know everything? What should be chopped broken pieces to test it? Always think that other people have a problem, it is used to good analysis is very clever.? Tell you, the shortsighted really is your flaw, because no one like you, like always only care about the details, and life can not see the direction.

You never get what you want love, because even if you kept saying love how deep, but your heart really love that person, will be scare you off, do not scare away Nian run! You to death can not learn the true meaning of love is called tolerance, do not call picky. Life with a peaceful coexistence, of course, is your dream, but it really only is your dream, you can never be peaceful coexistence with others a month, let alone a lifetime! Because your eyes can only see the faults of others, any person in front of you are stupid, people do things than you, that you do it yourself, ah, do die Hello, you dead toil life!

Ultra harsh speech, of course, you did not malicious, even well-intentioned, but everything after you Chrysostom opened, somehow stands a bunch of enemies, I have a set of really amazing! Everybody else is like you, scaring away other people's super powers!

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