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I'm a Scorpio, Taurus is my lover

If Scorpio is chili, Taurus is pepper; And if Scorpio is a cup, saucer that is Taurus. You are Correspondingly, so you are very match! Scorpio is for your lovers is to phase constellation Taurus, while you are a water sign, which is the combination of how good it! Ye not like Aries also Libra did not love socializing, the two of you like to stay home and listen to music, or watching a thriller (Scorpio's proposal), and sipped on a good red wine, and some fruits, then that is having sex things ...

Taurus both you and have a good sex, healthy attitude. Every weekend, for both of you, is to be tired of time in bed. You respond with each other sexy each other's needs, and then you feel a combination of body and soul. Taurus is full of stamina and pace according to their likes sex, it makes you full of joy. Taurus never hurry, they treat love like a treat meal - to nostalgia, reverie, and then threw himself playing experience. And you - Scorpio Taurus lovers want to explore your body depths of the soul. Even if your Taurus Speranskia like you to know you think so, but as an open person, Taurus will tell you want to know about him / her everything. This is very good, because of your curiosity for the Taurus, you do not like the outset expose yourself too much.

You two are possessive and tend to mistrust, but fortunately you know each other well each other. Your temper will not interfere with an outbreak under the rule of the lover of Venus, Taurus will face your anger shrugged, knowing it will soon become ephemeral. You both like the law of life, not like change much really a life - that would make you feel tired or is a waste of life.

Loyalty is necessary, because the two of you do not like to pass their stories strangers to listen. You a good sex life will help you maintain years of emotional, sentimental attitude you will continue to enjoy each other to ensure that the charm of this combination multi boast Jiao!

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