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I'm a scorpion my lover is Gemini

For you, this is not a Shenxianjuanlv combination, but marveled that he and she was able to have countless possibilities. Gemini lover's mind there is always a variety of interesting news clips, which awakens Scorpio lonely hearts iron. Scorpio is perhaps the most silent quiet sign, so little chatterbox who had twin combined with your attitude, change their way of communicating becomes tender and pure. Gemini will give you need quiet time studying meditation, he | she knows you are in dialogue with ourselves. Gemini will soon realize that the move is not a thousand li away scorpion, but self-trimming and charging.

Gemini lover's day lit up the scorpion eight seat Palace, which is being ruled by a scorpion palace, which is why wind phase with the aqueous phase Scorpion Gemini will attract each other. The combination of the two of you likened effervescent excitement is most fitting. Eight Palace governance of sexuality and others' property, Scorpio and Gemini in the investment and spending money to make money, there will be very many common point oh.

About sex, Gemini is very diverse, but scorpions prefer to have the feel of real feelings. So you may need to make some small constant, especially to make Gemini alive. Scorpion is the sexual world of the devil, so I think you would do well to grasp. Gemini will use his | her unique way of flirting, to relieve the pressure you receive in the outside world, bringing you to relax and enjoy nature. Gemini will take you out of the rut of the circle, (as there is little sign like scorpions in routine attitude towards sex) make you pleasure. And if scorpion willing, Gemini will take you to fly in wonderland lake, experience the magic, he | she will let you get real happiness.

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