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I'm a Scorpio, my lover is Cancer

What you are in love with a crab? So your choice is your most suitable person among a. This pairing can get a "10 minutes!" Your feelings and passion and crabs like you deep. Meanwhile, other good pairing (apart from Pisces, Scorpio) you will build a fulfilling, intimate living conditions. Both sides are emotional, but your mutual tolerance, and observe each other like the same emotional landscape changes, it seems to increase the fun and charm of life. Crabs and the aqueous phase as much as you and your lover will need to understand and intuitive strongly linked together. Among the two of you, Scorpio tougher, however, have the ability to soften Cancer change things, which of you is a big advantage.

Your sex life will be outstanding, Cancer wants is a home, Scorpio dominate reproduction, so this will be a fruitful combination. Cancer also dominate cultivation, so this will create an atmosphere of living your dream home.

WARNINGS : Scorpio wants unmatched in their lifetime have a strong love, so if they due to stress and environmental and married the wrong person, the result will be tragic. For example, Scorpio and Cancer, Prince Charles married Princess Diana, but his true love is another Cancer - Camilla. So, now you see a Cancer, Scorpio is not persistent pairing. Scorpio is the belief in spirit and love to get married, and even the sun can not phase out the coordination of this rule.

A love of Cancer, lived together at the beginning or very many years, providing food is an expression of love. So, cook together, to love feeding, but also to the point of passion in the kitchen of spiritual nourishment. Scorpio, you will get a lot of things you'd expect. Do not let him run away, oh! ~

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