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I'm a scorpion, my family who is a Leo

This is the twelve constellations of the most surprising combination of a pair, and of course, I always see this combination. If you sure you want to establish the relationship, then we must make an arduous journey of preparation. Scorpio is a water sign, while the lion is a fire, if you are together it can be really terrible combination. However, I have seen this combination of flies, especially harmonious, my grandfather grandmother is such a combination. Ha, you can imagine how that drama, tense, loud arguments, slamming doors bang doors, but there are also heartfelt laughter, warm and comfortable family life. They will also walk in the snow, his reading, but is thriving. We have a son sons spent many filled with music and food at night, scorpions and lions lived a rich life, it is clear that they are in love with each other.

As a scorpion, you are in need of attention and like to accept a life like grand opera. You want to be liked yourself from head to toe, is completely and thoroughly in love with, and the lion together and you will be able to achieve this wish. Lions have big mind and are willing to accept everything with open arms, they do things the atmosphere. But at the same scorpion like to control others, the lion also want the boss, so you have a power struggle between the. You have a very strong personality, and very stubborn, do not say I did not warn you that you are together is not easy!

However, if you want to try, it will find true love, your lion will make your every day full of happiness, full of strong dramatic and satisfy your cravings, so this pair is feasible!

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