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I'm a scorpion, I love Virgo

Scorpions, lovers everywhere can have your blessing. Everywhere both patience and kind diligent, you will not be asking too much hype. You have control freak, they will obediently lets you control, as long as you excited. Your lovers everywhere are self-sustaining, you use your powerful and gentle affection touched her. You will fall in love with them to give you a sense of security, especially water flooding as the mood when mischief. Your lover will help you heal the heart of the ocean, wild bosom appease your mind, as you point out in front of the practical way. Everywhere will not squandering your money, it will not matter to you than income, everywhere you will be satisfied with you all.

Everywhere very regular, and work hard - you too, so you can win your lover highly respected. Everywhere words very much, for too quiet sometimes a scorpion (scorpion critics everywhere will not talk back), but good, you always have one person among active communication, and sometimes we are and who they want to become married.

About sex life, always very aware of their body, sex also enjoyed your initiative. Everywhere is holy, so many times before you go to bed you can not be too wild, your lover will think you are dirty - Take it easy! The natural instinct is to believe that everywhere enough to satisfy your senses and lust. No, not that kind of forever Haikushilan everywhere only love, your love is more extreme few. But, everywhere closer to life and love itself, and later you will understand.

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