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What kind of women are favored by men through the Moon sign of men

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Moon in Aries man favorite Vanves girls also easy to find. This girl must be smart and capable, hall kitchen does not fall, can handle the most difficult law relationship, the joint efforts of the kind of esteem. Pungent the Vicious point it does not matter (and monthly Aries really recruit active pungent girls), moon sign, the pale blue Pan 'is a top three marriage reliable, high-yield long-term investment object and monthly Aries's a lot of dudes.


Moon fall into the Taurus man bones favorite girl virtuous to Shukutoku four have the standard wife and mother, family life is the dream of Alice feet waiting for his wife to wait, of course, his wife is still very good, but also a great chance to become reliable good husband.


Do not look at the twin sweet looking like a very responsive, and think that they like the feeling of equal skill, the opposite is the general mentality of the month Gemini men are all very poor. They say, but like the audience rather than the opponent, in fact, their bones like vases girls, beautiful girls style, the reaction is definitely slower, almost no contact with the outside world, so what new information is absolutely rely on May Gemini men released the first ... ... must be a bit silly Leng Leng feeling in brain damage temper from time to time playing right into their hands, and then the right to speak contributed their hands thoroughly, love how how paste paste, love how to cheat how to cheat, and my heart really really happy duck .


Moon falling into the Cancer man is hope and easy to find the male of the Vanves female Block, just Vanves form and Aries slightly different. May Cancer wife experimental law-abiding point, you do not need on the hall, a kitchen OK, of course, most want or hope to find to get around the family recognized standards of good daughter-in-law, coupled with their own private love small qualities, can be found in the body of his wife met, just fine.


Moon fall into Leo men generally like all conditions are superior girls, especially the so-called good girls, their vision, even if their vision is not high, behind a fussy think tank headed to my mom, ordered Road, like your conditions so well (even grow into as Mao Xia Xinyu), only the best of the girls was worthy of you. The precisely lion male partner edge okay to have the condition than they are good girls fought to Daozhui. Such luck, we do not envy the Lions Men looking object, to take advantage of the 25 before it, after this village, no shop.

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