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If you could have a rich life by Palmistry

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 "A penny can hound a hero to death" is not just slang, but is repeatedly happened true social phenomenon, there are many such tragedies. It is also the morm to win the envy of others by money. A lot of women want to marry a rich man, a lot of men want to become rich, and thus achieve social respect and status. Since money is so good, it brings advantages and security to us, naturally people all want to have money! Do you have the talent to live a rich life on your own ability? Or will you simply live a poor life? You'd better look at the career-line and sun line in your hands, they can reveal the silent but powerful answer!

First. Good career-line, poor sun-line

Do you have good career-line but poor sun-line? If you have such palmistry, then you need not worry about money, but you can not make a lot of money. The so-called good career-line means deep and clear career-line, without island pattern, fracture, weakness nor nterruption; The so-called poor sun line is the sun line has island pattern, fracture, weakness or nterruption.

When you have you have good career-line but poor sun-line, even working hard, but forgot to be smart to do. So you always get half the result with twice the effort, credit is difficult to stay in your body, you can not get your deserved returns. Many hard-working professional women and junior civil servants have such palmistry. But fortunately, you never worry about work and money, but you can only have enough income to live with, but it is difficult to save a lot of money.

Second. Poor career-line, good sun-line

Do you have poor career-line, good sun-line? If you have such palmistry, it is not likely for you to have great development in career. But you will be lucky, even if individual ability is limited, you will get elegant aid because of your good karma or your ancestors' blessings, so you are able to live a leisurely comfortable life, won the status, prestige and other intangible assets and goodwill.

Some people have no ambition nor enterprise, but get care of boss and senior, no wind, no rain, live a steady life, they always can have this kind of palmistry. If you keep alive without a serious ambition, it is lucky to have such palmistry.

Third. Good career-line and sun-line

Do you have good career-line and sun-line? Rest assured, you will get appreciation in society by your personal strengths, the wealthy successful life is waiting for you. Career-line represents that your ability to meet competition in the community, sun-line implies that your efforts can get much in return. When you have good career-line and sun-line, your sweat and efforts will bear fruit, win fame and prestige for you.

You are fully reinforced in the community. Male of this palmistry can hold leadership in the areas of expertise and have a bright brilliant life. But female of this palmistry, unless career-line comes from the moon mound, otherwise the majority can not get help from husbands. I have seen many women of this type of palmistry. They are more capable than husbands, they are truly women in a new era.

Fourth. Poor career-line and sun-line

Do you have poor career-line and sun-line? Be carefully that the poor life is coming to you. Career- line can reveal the career's ups and downs and setbacks. If career-line bents or intermittent, symbolizing the instable career. If sun-line also shows such circumstance, which means lack of willpower and skills to make a living, a sea of troubles all the way, difficult to have good luck.

If you such palmistry, and you do not have other advantages, you will have greater setbacks and challenges in life, you'd better keep wise and diligent attitude to develop good life skills patiently, then after three months, you may slowly develop towards a positive direction, otherwise you may live a miserable life.

Fifth. Invisible career-line nor sun-line 

Can't you see your career-line nor sun-line? This usually implies ordinary simple life. People of such palmistry can do what they want to do, with arbitrary meaning. If wisdom-line is pretty, then all wishes will come true, it is also expected to have some results. If wisdom-line is ordinary or poor, which means you are ambitious, did not find the direction of working hard, take a passive attitude towards one's work, that is to live a simple life.

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