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Is it good for you to leave home for development by Palmistry?

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Homecoming is that many who go out hard the ultimate dream, but it was successful, and some failures, many people embrace the dream far from his home, but having failed to return home, reluctantly seek a job, life to survive. People have their own adaptability, which palmistry people can break one day in the field? Or you choose to stay home, but able to combine career and family do?

Not to be envious neighbor New Year open cars, with large bags to go home, the usual lonely elderly neighbors is most true, however, everyone is different conditions, go out to stay at home and there is no absolute good or bad, a comprehensive measure yourself external resources with its own personality conditions for themselves and their families to make the most appropriate choice for you! Let's cut from palmistry, go hard or stay home to see which option is right for you?

Your lifeline and wisdom Qiduan separate line? Have you doer factor personality is very like freedom, independence and hate others interfere in others' constraints and work under the guidance was bound hand and foot, but the courage and energy out battles. Do not like sticking in one place, and innovative ideas for you, and your family's fate is thinner, is suitable to go out Kenshin, scratch type.

The eldest girl to have such palmistry more wisdom from the start line and the lifeline of the greater, the more extraordinary effort, the disadvantage is the distance is too large, but also easily lead to excessive ego, especially up to 1cm or more separate, but there like a dare, failing frivolous, can not get along with people and other groups in the negative sense, should be self discretion and adjustment. Basically, this type of you, go out into the world's experts.

Your lifeline and wisdom line beginning overlap? Such palmistry is most common, most Asians are this one, accounting for over half of the number. This type of you, discreet and thoughtful, more homely and love at home, and his family's fate deep, stay at home the opportunity to develop a larger, non-forced by the situation, do not go to a foreign country alone hard.

Lifeline lines overlap and wisdom about 2cm, length wise person is Kat arrive pinky phase, mental stability and thoughtful, pragmatic work attitude coupled with fighting spirit, can be harvested in the continuous efforts. If you do not overlap too much to 1cm or more than 2cm, personalized flow in the cautious, excessive nervousness, or even negative conservative, but often lose the opportunity to be actively cultivate the ability to grasp the opportunity and determination to promote flowering in a good direction in life results.

If your business line begins at the internal lifeline, which is dependent on the family profound palmistry, career development mostly depends on the support of the family, such as parents, uncles help, or is the spouse that party's native home offers into the big power companies the opportunity and so forth. This type of you, the cause of the development of non rely handedly, but because their loved ones on career opportunities, family shelter is too hand type.

Many countries such as high general examination exam candidates business lines, both for internal lifeline, most of them concentrate on preparing for the national test, quit his job, in addition to economic demand can not be supplied to households, many people still rely on the home turn, provide food and clothing, a test is a few years, it is in line with the characteristics of this type.

Your hands appear travel line? That means you offsite development opportunities in foreign countries who have long lived great, living abroad may be due stationed abroad or working abroad, and even marriage when settlers abroad.

Travel line if more coarse than the lifeline, suggesting that they die in a foreign land, no trip wire hand neither travel. Appears here if it is more than fine-lined, and that is "consumed line" rather than travel line, suggesting that the spirit you consume excessive fatigue, is a healthy warning, shall develop good lifestyle in order to facilitate a healthy, consumption line friends a lot, do not refer him and travel lines mixed up.

After traveling only to explain the line, take a look now and then, your travel line is there are some symbolic token, you need to take precautions, pre-made careful it?

Travel line with the island, in the aftermath of the accident while traveling may be dangerous, must-see, then, must act in good insurance and do care; travel line appears Tic Tac Toe, even encountered an unexpected accident, but also saved the day, pull through; travel line appears stars and fish type, change will encounter when traveling great luck in life, such as career encounters elegant or marital beloved, so bright and splendid future life, but a big good sign.

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