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The auxiliary palm ridge - Petting Line

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The so-called pet line is lined with men and women's feelings about this pattern starting at the bottom of the palm to the business line on hill (fate line) extends only part of the person's hand, indicates that the man opposite sex better, get a partner care and love. Pamper line is usually accompanied with the business lines, some connected, some parallel, some cross, different situations have different meaning. Look marriage, when will Rumour move, whether the marriage happy, except to observe emotions, marriage lines, from the palm of your hand close to the bottom-line impact to the fate of the line (also called pet line), but also can not be ignored when observing place.

1, petting line is connected and career

There are pampered with hand lines and business lines link up with people, the opposite sex is good, because of the opposite sex or spouse to get help and career success. Such people regardless of gender, multi-object interaction may be due to the marriage to the rich, especially female friends Marry a Millionaire may. If you meet at the bottom and found inverted V pattern, but also may be subject to identity status of the poor of the opposite sex aid providential Romance. If the pet line first by helicopter on hill, and then all of a sudden lateral and career line phase, which means that its people are on the road may encounter their other half, each other at first sight, and got married.

2, the pet business line parallel to the line and up

There are others who receive this palmistry features great help, most of the opposite sex, is also possible that their loved ones. If the pet line and business line phase, it will be because of love and marriage get unexpected good luck, so if a woman is likely to Marry a Millionaire. If the wire is not touching the pet business line to stop, then this relationship may only love, but not in marriage.

3, cross-business line pet line

Pamper lines should not cross the lifeline, or is likely to be emotionally dragged down by the opposite sex or the use of, or after marriage, life and work will be shipped to deteriorate, had all things are going very well, but after marriage reversal. The other half of their brains may be unclear, have been cheated by fraud syndicate costly exercise, hurt you, may interact with both sides of step, adversely on their own, married a few years, life is very likely not liking.

4, pet island pattern appear online

Online pet island pattern appears, then, regardless of whether this line of business line link, or through, all said they did not normally romance, such as falling in love with a married woman or a married man, if not handled properly, will lead to fame, status damaged.

5, a number of pet-line

Palm lines appear in more than one pet who has charm and loved by others, Yixing Yuan exuberant, love a lot of opportunities to provoke including pet line and career phase, then the people will have a happy marriage; if the pet lines and more , but it did not come across business lines, then although the opposite sex like you a lot, it would be difficult marriage, you need a more serious attitude towards the object of your affection operation and to refrain from games or casual look.

6, pet line broken

Beloved friend of a fracture line in the marriage will encounter unfavorable, obviously very much in love with the lovers, but it will be difficult to marry because of various factors, and may even remain cohabitation with a partner.

7, pet line and business line cross pattern occurs at the intersection

There are people who love this feature on palmistry will face ups and downs, love, we can not follow your own heart development in the critical stages of marriage, or a competitor appeared sincere or not understanding each other, as well as in relation to each other is not on no less awkward period, such as cohabitation or trial marriage phase. If the business lines cross pattern appears in the beginning of the end, and not the pet line phase at the time, but said that there are elegant appearance, can reverse the decline, a completely different meaning.

8, no pet line

If the palm of a loved lines are not, which means that it lacks the charm to attract the opposite sex, the opposite sex is poor, difficult way through the free love in marriage. Suitable for such people was introduced by way of a blind date with the opposite sex met and married.

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