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What kind of people are popular to opposite sex by Palmistry?

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By observing the shape, trend and color of people palm's Venus mound, marriage line, success line and heart line, we can understand roughly if the people are popular by opposite sex, let's have a look at what palmistry do people have with flourishing opposite sex's popularity.

A.  People with developed Venus mound are popular by opposite sex 

Venus mound is located under the first Mars mound, the inner part of the lifeline also is the Gen palace of palm bagong. People with developed Venus mound are kind, compassionate, treat people gently, are affectionate particular by opposite sex, if have the mesh lines covering it, there will have a lot of friends of the opposite sex around them.

B  People with Venus aura are popular by opposite sex

A semi-circular line is under the middle finger and ring finger, above the feeling line is called Venus aura. People with Venus aura are emotional, eloquence is good, at good at bearing themselves, have very good popularity, and both men and women have good beauty, elegant temperament, and the artistic talent, are very attractive to the opposite sex.

C. People with messy heart-lines or Chain shaped heart-lines are popular by opposite sex

People with messy heart-lines or Chain shaped heart-lines are observant, attentive, can easily attract the opposite sex's attention, in addition, end of feelings have many branches, this kind of people are enthusiastic to the friends, they are attractive to the opposite sex

D. People with many heart lines are popular by opposite sex

Marriage line is the site to observe people's happiness in marriage, also can see the popularity of opposite sex. People with many marriage lines are often emotional, more passionate, with good popularity by opposite sex, there are always anisotropic surrounding. However, it is difficult to maintain a long-term relationship for this kind of person because of excessive heterosexual margin,, so the love is not smooth

E. People with clear success line are popular by opposite sex

People with clear, profound and neat success-line are cheerful, considerate, are onsiderate of others, can get the help of others, and all wishes come true, gain both fame and wealth, such a person will naturally attract the opposite sex.

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