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What men worth married by Palmistry

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If there is the opportunity to observe the words of a man's palmistry, but they can form from the palm palm to distinguish the quality of its people. Here Pianxiang you about, what palmistry characteristics of men belonging to category a good man, worthy of a woman to marry.


First, thumb on the water hyacinth pattern

Thumb between two knuckles only two lines form a closed circle shape (like the phoenix eye, like humans) commonly known as water hyacinth pattern. Palmistry characteristics of men have this talented, wealthy childhood home or origin Zuyin rich, eligible ancestors Yu Yin. Youth career, careers can create a world of their own, and the life enjoy it very much. Also very happy marriage, the couple loved each other, feeling happy.


Second, slender upright forefinger

Forefinger born straight, slender man is in love, the family has the responsibility to view a good man. Its people good character, self-motivated, doing things have beginnings and ends, not after fame, abandoned Zaokangzhiqi, the value delivered to a woman for life.


Third, there are two forked end emotions

Women are like a responsible man, if your man has such emotions, congratulations you've found a strong sense of responsibility, feeling rich and well-loved man, we must take to seize.


Fourth, the emotions and the end bent up comple

Emotions without the slightest defect in shape, and the man ends up bent gentle personality, human caring, feelings very seriously, to respect the other half of the idea that the other side can tolerate some minor errors, is a very responsible person. Both of these men are very homely, the other half is taken care of is definitely a good husband candidates.


Fifth, the wrist line clear deep

Indicate this man's thinking clearly, doing things a certain courage and strength, the ability to do very well organized, and able to perform an orderly manner, so can some success in their careers. In marriage, this man is also very will take care of the family, which is usually a good husband.


Sixth, full palm three Qiuhong Run

The so-called "palm Three Hills" refers to the position of the finger near the palm of a small hill like the same three drum kit, they are called "off Hill", "Tatsumi Hill" and "Kun mound." If this were repeated three palm plump mound and with reddish, then this person's wealth status symbol of the ideal, not only because of easy wealth and wealth is rising steadily while Windfall also state the opportunity to meet and good luck were stronger than others. And these men are usually honest heart, others in good faith, on the other half is also very thoughtful, to marry such a husband is very happy.

Marriage is a lifetime, God may be able to give you a good husband with the conditions of her husband, but in daily life will see you Hello! You rely on the joint efforts of adaptation, enjoy each other, expressing warmth, mutual respect and regular communication, learning soft and strong, patience and compassion ... that is happiness.

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