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Test to see what impression your boss may have of you

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Psychological test topic: In a dark night, there is an old woman was killed in an alley, intuitively do you think she was victimized by what weapon?

A: Chopping knife

B: Ax to chop wood

C: Knife to cut fruit

A: Chopping knife

Psychological test result: You give the bad impression of your boss, your ability to work is really not good, you've almost never completed any work well enough. If you do not strive to improve your ability to do well, it is likely to be fired by your boss.

B: Ax to chop wood

Psychological test result: You give the impression that you are like a child and never grow up, it is difficult to reuse. You treat the work very seriously and responsible for your share that your boss did not complain. But in terms of your life and treating people and doing things, you are always like a child who will never grow up, which makes the boss always worry about you. So the boss will arrange you to do some specific work, and will not entrust you with the important task.

C: Knife to cut fruit

Psychological test result: In the eyes of your boss you can be entrusted with important tasks. You have a flexible smart brain, excellent work and interpersonal skills, you can always do your work very well, so you can won the boss's favorite.

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