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Test to see your state in love

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Psychological test question: If you were knocked down by a car accidentally , which of the following conditions which you would be most afraid of?

1: You can not speak

2: You can not walk

3: You've forgotten your love experience

1:  You can not speak

Psychological test results: You would be very selfless in love and could do anything for the lover. You would find ways to make your lover happy and always follow your lover's advice. Of course, your pay would not be wasted, lover would return the same way to you.

2: You can not walk

Psychological test results: You would be quite sensible in love. You could both fully respect and understand the feelings of lover, take care of your lover carefully and considerately, but also you would not be unable to extricate yourself in love, You could find yourself.

3: You've forgotten your love experience

Psychological test results: To put it bluntly, you might be a little "cheap" in love. You care about love very much and concern about the attitude of your lover. You would try all ways to make your lover happy, even you might degrade yourself to do some things. You would feel that everything is worth it. But what you do would easily spoil the other, resulting not love in return, but the other side's scorn to you.

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