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Which beauty would you be in ancient China?

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As a girl, have you ever seen the novels or TV of ancient time? Have you imagined to go back to the ancient times and turn into some famous beauty in history? If you are Interested, let's do this test, and see what beauty you would become. (This article is only for entertainment.)

1, Do you like to listen to ancient music?



2, Are you very easy to have tears?



3, Do you like watching costume TV play series?



4, Do you like crystal or jade?



5, Do you like a skirt or shorts?



6, Do you like long hair or short hair?

Long hair

Short Hair

7, Can you tell a familiar dynasty has undergone?



8, How many opposite sex do you have the best relationships with?



9, Are you always preoccupied in the eyes of others?



10, Is your world always static or have been ups and downs?


There have been ups and downs

11, Do you want to become a princess or a queen?



Psychological test results A: Hua Mu Lan (name of a woman warrior in ancient China)

You have not only the tomboy appearance of Hua Mu Lan, also have strong and outgoing personalities, there are few things that can make you surrender. You are not tied to gender restrictions, do what you want to do, never give up your choice. So you would ride in the ancient battlefield, and live in modern times, you are a really strong woman can not underestimate!

Psychological test results B: Diao Chan (name of a beauty in ancient China)

Compared to Diao Chan's looks, you are not particularly beautiful, but you have a lot of minds, rarely communicate with people. On the contrary, you like to think. But you should know that the feelings and the feeling are two different things. You care about feelings very much, but you haven't gotten the right answer. You'd better be more active!

Psychological test result C: Dou Yi Fang (name of a beauty in ancient China)

In fact, you are quite tricky, sometimes you will use all means in order to achieve the purpose. Especially in the highly competitive market, you do not like ordinary life, knowing that if you want to get out of this life, you can only rely on yourself, and not just with efforts, you will use more tricks. This perhaps has relationship with your experience!

Psychological test results D: Xi Shi (a famous beauty in ancient China)

Maybe you really are a woman favored by God, even if you do not look particularly beautiful, but you have good training and temperament, people can not help liking you, just like Xi Shi who was drop-dead gorgeous. You seem like a distressed, pleasant beauty, a small details can make people love you so much!

Psychological test results E: Yang Yuhuan(a famous beauty in ancient China)

You are a substantial woman! If your lover does not have enough economic conditions you would not choose him. But in ancient China, you would be the typical beauty like Yang Yuhuan. You are very popular by opposite sex, but they are mostly purposeful to you. You know how to close to an opposite sex to get what you want.

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