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Tarot divines if he would regard you as true fate or romantic history

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Do you have a formal boyfriend? In his eyes, are you a good lover or just a romantic history? If you’re interested, let's do this Tarot Divination.

Divination rules: Please keep quiet, and meditate the man you want to divine, and think if he will regard you as true fate or romantic history? And choose one from the following four cards intuitively. D not choose deliberately or repeatedly.


King of Wands(inversion)

This tarot tells you that he really regards you as his true fate and thinks that you are suitable for him and wants to have good development with you. But perhaps both sides haven't been lovers, so he still holds a reserved attitude to you.

Three of Wands(inversion)

This tarot tells you that he is very optimistic about the development space with you, then perhaps he likes you and has a good design of the development with you, and of course all should be under the premise of future development with each other.

Ace of Swords

This tarot tells you that you have a strange attraction to him, you might have something to fascinate him. But it seems that he does not think too much about the long-term problems, maybe you are only a romantic history for him.


This tarot tells you that you are between true fate and romantic history in his eye, you can not only make him fascinated but also let him think of the future. You are inclined to be regarded as romantic history for him, he may not wish to be together with you, just wants to have some relationship with you.

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