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Tarot divines if the stalled love could be continued

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The love world not only has the sweetness and happiness, but also has the difficulty and the setback. When two people have emotional problems and come to a deadlock, whether to continue is the biggest problems. If you are in the situation, you'd better do the tarot divination to see what tips it will give you.

Divination rules: Please relax and say to yourself "Can our love be continued?", then choose one card from the following four cards intuitively.

1. The Devil

This tarot shows that your lover would be stubborn and would like to control others, but you would like freedom and hope your lover to give you enough space, so you would have the contradiction with each other. Whether to contune your love depends on whether you could change your characters, whether you could trust and tolerate with each other. If you could do these two points, then you would be able to develop feelings successfully, otherwise you would eventually face to break up.


2. Inversion of Justice

This tarot shows that your romance would face a major challenge, and the reason is not the other’s, but from your side. Your rich emotional experiences and restless heart already would tarnish your image. so that the other could not stand your attitude to lover. You might try to find a new object before the feelings problem could be resolved. At this point you might have to face lovers’ complain and jealousy. You would have to appease each other's emotions like sandwich crackers. In fact you should already know the final result.

3. Judgment

This card implies that at the moment you would not put all thoughts on your lover, but you might have another romance. This would be a huge test for your love relationship. Whether to continue the relationship depends on if you could cherish your favorite love and if you could determine to have introspection, and whether you could cut off the affair with the third party.

4. Eight of Cups 

This tarot shows that you might often quarrel with the lover recently, both sides would not like to concede, and you two would come to a deadlock. If you could apologize firstly, and your lover also could accept, your love would continue. But you two should lay down the hatred to each other and give each other a believable promise. If you could do this, you would start a new page of your relationship, and would get the blessings of god.

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