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Tarot divines if you could have good luck in this year

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As the saying goes, "Spring is the season of a year". Are you looking forward to good luck in this fine weather? Then please do the Tarot divination to see if you could fulfill your wishes. Please choose a card from the following tarots by the seat of your pants!

1. The High Priestess

This cards implies that your living environment in this year would not have major change, but you'd better prepare from now on, for example, try to improve your own ability by learning or training. Right now your good luck has not yet come, but in the near future, your efforts would surely be rewarded.

2. Ace of Swords(inversion)

This card hints that you encountered some bad things previously, although you haven't obviously get right, but you would always want to make some moves to improve. In fact, your luck is not bad now, just missing a wise friend to give you the appropriate withdrawal point.

3. Four of Cups(inversion)

This card suggests that you would have good luck in this year. Congratulations! Previously experienced unpleasant memories and boredom would slowly be eliminated in this year, your life would present a whole new level.  You'd better finish what you should do and make preparation actively, opportunities would naturally come its way.

4. The Fool

This card indicates that although your fortune would be certainly common in this year, but you could develop happily. Although you would not have good luck at present, but you could live more easier than people around you. 

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