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Tarot divines if you would become your husband's slave after marriage

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Nearly all girls were longing for becoming the princess of other half before marriage, and be held in his palm with great love and care. But they often changed after marriage, and became the “husband's slave”.  Do you want to know if you could be the princess after getting married? Let's do this tarot divination.

Divination rules: Please relax and meditate the question you want to ask, and choose one from the following tarot cards intuitively and look at the answer.


1. Ace of Cups

Index of becoming "princess before marriage but husband's slave after marriage" is 100

This Tarot card implies that you would like to overact when falling in love. You would even  deliberately create a “romantic” atmosphere after marriage. Because you would have strong dependency and persistence for your lover. Especially when you more reveal the “soft, delicate” quality, which means your “emotional request” to this person is higher. In your subconscious mind, you would rather give up dominant power in family life even after the marriage. You would be willing to be a dependent and a spoiled little woman in love and marriage.


2. Ace of Swords

Index of becoming "princess before marriage but husband's slave after marriage" is 20

This tarot indicates that you would like to have your special personality, not easy to compromise, and can not be persuaded when falling in love. When you go into marriage with this angular personality, you would often have very high standards for the maintenance of home atmosphere and hold of cleanness, such as where to place the clean clothes, how to arrange and decorate newspapers and magazines. You would have your own habits and adhere. In order to strengthen the two emotional stability after marriage, you would like to let your lover have “self-sustaining capability too. Because you would not like to quarrel for the mode of life, health habits, and ideas after marriage.


3. Four of Cups

Index of becoming "princess before marriage but husband's slave after marriage"  is 80

This tarot indicates that you would often exhibit weak-minded and self-contradictory when falling in love. Especially in marriage life there would be regardless of decisions and choices, such as whether to change the car, or change the job, give birth to a child, change the house. In the face of these choices, you would always express procrastination, or need others to encourage you and give you confidence, even help you analyze advantages and disadvantages of things development. Because the autonomy would not be strong before and after marriage, you would need your lover to support and encourage you when facing difficulties and challenges. So you woud become the marriage slave due to weakness and having no personality.


4. Six of Wands

Index of becoming "princess before marriage but husband's slave after marriage" is 60

This tarot indicates that you would be most afraid of loneliness when falling in love, so your desire to be together all the time would be more and more obvious and strong after marriage. You would look forward to let the feeing of falling in love to be extended to the marriage life. But you also know that a successful marriage needs to compromise and tolerance. You would try your best to adjust or modify your dependence and timid personality in face of family, children and married life after marriage. You would like to live a more harmonious and coexistence life.


5. Cups Six

Index of becoming "princess before marriage but husband's slave after marriage" is 40

This tarot indicates that you would inevitably show “coquetry and frankness” quality when falling in love. You feel the biggest advantage and the greatest enjoyment to be a girl is to be cute and coquetry. This illusion of being princess couldn't let you become mature and rational after marriage. You would still want to keep “the true face of utter innocence”. You would hope your marriage partner be generous, because you would like to meet a generous man at your disposal in every way in your marriage.

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