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Tarot divines what would your lover do behind your back

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Tarot divination rules: Maintain inner calm and be in the hearts of meditation: what would he or she do behind my back? and choose one from the following four cards by your intuition, remember not to choose deliberately or repeated.




Option 1: The Tower

Tarot divination result : Your lover would be rather fragile, who could not afford a failure. He would be very frustrated when disappointed, and he would do some unexpected things under this circumstance. Anything might happen, so you'd better comfort him when he was frustrated as his wife, and not complain and blame.



Option 2: Six of Swords

Tarot divination result: Your lover could hide his thoughts, so you could not know what he is thinking of most of the time. Your lover would be a rather selfish person, he would often give priority to himself, which might make you very disgusted. He would do something secretly to profit himself at the expense of you, but he could know how to do for a question of principles.



Option 3: The Moon

Tarot divination result: Your lover would be discontent with his lot, and you might often feel insecure to be together with him. If you put all focus on family and career, your lover might have opportunity to be promiscuous in sex relatiosn. He might have an affair behind your back, so you'd better be careful, not give him more individual time and outing opportunities.



Option 4: The Emperor

Tarot divination result: Your lover would be a possessive man, he would like to dominate everything. He would not let you know many of his things, however, he must know everything of you. He might have an affair or keep money for himself.

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