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Tarot divines your love fortune before the end of year

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What would I encounter in love for the next three months? To choose one card from the following five cards in the seat of your pants.

1, Celebration

Good love luck with polygonal Love

Who says the world must be one-to-one world? If you are single, you will find objects around you! Each seems to be good, each has a different appeal to you! Yet you have not yet prepared to settle down, you can spend more time to get along with these people, do not deceive each other, you can enjoy different feelings of love with different people! Let your heart make the decision! But if you already have the other half, then you should pay attention to the opposite sex, be careful!

2, The lovers

Stable love relationship

They are staring at each other! Both sides belong to each other, and can feel love and happiness! If you are single, then you'd better take a look if there are moved opposite sex at your sides? In the next three months, you would have a chance to find a sincere and loyal person! We also have to create some opportunity to become familiar with new friends! Do not always stick with your sister friends, which would hinder your lover to appear! As for people who already have the other half, you would life a happy and peaceful love life in the next three months.

3, Treatment

Play motherly care to take care 

You're a healing lover! You are specifically to save the world! If you are single, you may encounter a new object recently, and he has a pathetic character, such as newly unemployed, business failure, disappointment in love, or a variety of difficulties in family. When you meet such a person, you would involuntarily want to play your mother love to comfort him, you may want to help him, of course this has nothing wrong, but you need to distinguish between love and compassion are different levels of emotions. If you have the other half, the other half's recent situation is not very good, need your comfort and help.

4, Political skills

speak one way and think another and you'd better see through earlier

When this card appears, it represents that the facts and what you see are not the same! The person you like looks very polite and gentle from appearance, but that is just his courtesy. Perhaps he has other attempts! In the next three months, you'd better be careful! When you meet the person, he is very gentle but may have an excuse not to meet you, then this person did not have the same feeling like you. If someone has been very enthusiastic to close to you, you'd better watch his real intention. Maybe he would like to do business on you, perhaps he would like to make use of you, so you'd better wait and see!

5, Past life

You would meet people with deep chance  

Past life represents unfinished fate! In the next three months, you might meet an opposite sex with deep chance, you might feel a very strange sense of familiarity from this person! It seems that you've known each other for a long time. If you met this kind of person, you would fall in love very naturally, which is fate. But he has a lover already or married, or worked far away from home, and that is to test your wisdom. You'd better use more wisdom and courage to go through.

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