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Love Complex of 12 Chinese zodiac

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Everyone has a love complex, hindering you to find true love. Do you want to know you own complex? I hope this article will give you some inspiration.


Zodiac Rat people's largest complex in love is unable to determine if the other party is worthy of their love or not. They have fast changes in their minds, and always think that the good one has not yet come.


Zodiac Ox people's biggest complex in love is the relatively strong negative psychology towards love. They always believe in fate, while they ignored that fate is determinde by the heaven, but we must try best to seek it.


Zodiac Tiger people's largest complex in love is too much emphasis on external while ignoring the inner quest. They are easy to love the wrong man.


Zodiac Rabbit people's largest complex in love is to stand on the form and easy to be limited in the inner circle. They would have little opportunity to choose.


Zodiac Dragon people's largest complex in love is too much emphasis on career, ignoring love. The season of love will soon be over.


Zodiac Snake people's largest complex in love is the lack of sensibility. In fact, love is the result of the impulse. It is easy to miss love after thinking it over and over again and timid to act.

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