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  • Hexagram Tarot Array Divination

    The Hexagram Tarot Array can be used for divination development and forecasting the future. This is a card array that points to the future, predicts the direction of things, and clarifies the origin of the matter. It is a tarot card that truly has predictive properties.

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  • Love Big Cross Tarot Array Divination

    Love Big Cross Divination is used for relationship and love situation. It is used for divination between couples, good at understanding the emotional situation in each other's relationship and analyzing the results.

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  • Venus Tarot Array Divination

    Venus Tarot array can be used to divine the development of love and predict its trend. It has detached power. It is a rare classic Tarot array that predicts love directly to the core and cuts into the future truly and quickly.

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  • Two Choices of Divination

    The two choices of divination is mainly used for making decisions and judgments. It is used in two situations to choose one of them. It is widely used in divination in judging the situation and determining the future direction.

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  • Inspirational Tarot Array Divination

    Inspirational Tarot Array is suitable for divination and emotional response. It corresponds to the magical effect of divination or emotional interaction, and is widely used by couples, colleagues and friends.

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  • Holy Triangle Tarot Array Divination

    The Holy Triangle Tarot array is suitable for judging the situation and looking for the causes. It is the distortion of time flow. In its application, it pays more attention to the intrinsic causes of things than to the simple flow of time. The diviner should pay attention to this point.

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  • Three Cards Tarot Array Divination

    The three cards of divination is suitable for comprehensive analysis and single event analysis. It does not set the meaning of the cards. It could be used in many occasions to analyze some aspects of independent divination.

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  • X Tarot Array Divination

    X-tarot array is suitable for timing capture and on-the-spot decision-making. It takes the time of handling things as the main axis, takes the probability of success of pinching problems to solve, enhances its insight and makes predictions for the future.

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  • Four Elements Tarot Array Divination

    The four-element divination is suitable for the exploration and multi-analysis of problems. Through the four-element divination method, we can understand the situation of the problems in many aspects, and thoroughly examine the essence of the problems from the four aspects of perception, rationality, material and action, so as to understand the essence of the problems.

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