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Dreaming about furniture and tools

  • To dream of opening and closing the closet door indicates good luck in relationships for you. If there is any difficulty, the elders will come to help you. If you are not satisfied with the relationship between your lover, you may wish to consult them.
  • To dream of jumping up and down on the bed indicates that you must pay attention not to lose anything in the material aspect, otherwise you can not get it back.
  • To deam of using a sewing machine indicates that you will have crisis in sex, you can not resist the temptation of sex and may do something regretful forever. Be sure to keep your head clear.
  • To dream of making something with a hammer and saw indicates that you may have some problem in love.Your weakness will make your lover sick. You should take advantage of this opportunity to correct your shortcomings
  • To dream of changing a new carpet indicatse good luck academically. You will begin to study the previous subjects that you are not intersted in, it is easy to understand your teacher's explanations now.
  • To dream of sitting and resting in the sofa easily indicates that you will be busy in contacting with the opposite sex, but you still can not find your true love, you will just chat with the opposite sex, you will only be ordinary friends.