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Dreaming About Orphans

Orphans represent wealth. Although the orphans lost their parents, but also they can live in their hearts, they are assertive and are very likely to gain more success. So in dreams, orphans represent success and wealth.

  • To dream of orphans means that you will be successful in business and be very rich too.
  • To dream of donating money to an orphan or an orphanage indicates that you will make a fortune.
  • An unmarried woman dreams of adopting an orphan means that she will be pregnant and give birth to a baby. A married woman has such a dream means that she will marry a celebrity.
  • A married man dreams of adopting an orphan means that his wife will give birth to a daughter.
  • To dream of becoming an orphan means that you will become famous and hghly respected.
  • To dream that the orphans died indicates that bad things will happen.
  • To dream of your child becoming an orphan means that your child will have a bright future when he grows up, he will also bring honour to his ancestors.
  • An infertile man or woman dreams of orphans indicates that the dreamer will have a baby.

The psychological interpretation of the dreams of orphans

The orphan of the dream is the representative of the fragile side of yoiur human nature, often means that you are lonely and eager to be loved.

  • To dream of becoming an orphan reminds you that you must get rid of your inner dependence. You have to be independent and self reliant.
  • To dream of take care of orphans indicates that you will be helped.
  • To dream of waifs and strays means that you will encounter difficulties in your job.
  • To dream of sending condolences to orphans indicates that other people's anxieties will touch your compassion and will eventually lead you to worry about them very muck.
  • To dream of orphans related to you indicates that your life will add new responsibilities, and which will lead you to alienate yourself from your friends or people who are on the same wavelength.