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Dreaming about toys

Dreaming of toy trains, toy cars, toy animals indicates that you are eager to return to the carefree childhood. Generally speaking, an adult may have such a dream if he meets setbacks in reality.

  • To dream of breaking toys sometimes indicates that you encountered some problems that you can not solve, or you are depressed due to frustrations. In addition, dreaming of toys always indicates happiness.
  • To dream of buying boys indicates that you will have a baby.
  • To dream of breaking toys indicates that you should pay close attention to the health and safety of the fetus or child recently. 
  • A married woman dreams of toys indicates that she will have a baby.
  • An unmarried woman dreams of toys indicates that she misses her girlhood, so she is very likely to marry lately.
  • Couples or people in love dream of being given toys indicates that they will love each other more than before.
  • To dream of selling toys indicates good luck.
  • A man dreams of a woman giving him toys indicates that he will favor his wife or lover more than ever.