Dream of Christmas tree

Christmas tree is a special decorative tree prepared by people at Christmas. People place all kinds of props on the Christmas tree to make it look beautiful and symbolize that their various fortunes will flourish.

  • Seeing the Christmas tree in a dream implies joy and a bright future.
  • I dreamed that the decorations on the Christmas tree were removed, suggesting that accidents would happen on happy holidays, which would wipe out the happy atmosphere.
  • Dream that you are arranging a Christmas tree, which indicates that your life will change greatly recently, and you will find the goal and significance of your life.
  • Dream of a very luxurious Christmas tree, which indicates that you will work very hard and get extra income.
  • Dream of a Christmas tree without anything, which means that you will lose very precious things.
  • Dream of a Christmas tree with colored lights, indicating that the holidays will be very happy.
  • Dreaming of becoming Santa Claus indicates that something happy will come to you.