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What is the prediction if dreaming of a friend?

Friends represent a power, if you dreamed of your friends, it indicates that you would have good luck recently. For example, you would gain both fame and wealth, you would also get elegant aid. Let's have a look at the explainations of dreams of friends in the Duke dream.

  1. Dream of meeting new friends: the dreamer would harvest in fame recently, the dreamer would also have fame and get rich soon.
  2. Dream of meeting long-lost friends: the dreamer would be free in spirit.
  3. Dream of accidentaly meeting old friends: the dreamer recently would get elegant aid.
  4. Dream of being saved by friends: the dreamer would head off a disaster by someone's help, also achieve success and win recognition.
  5. Dream of quarrelling with friends: the dreamer would have too much pressure in mind with mental tension recently, the dreamer had better pay attention to self regulation.
  6. Dream of travelling with friends together: some happy things would happen.
  7. Dream of friend's visit: the dreamer would be popular by the opposite sex recently, some romantic thing might happen.
  8. Dream of eating and drinking with friends: the dreamer might encounter bankruptcy, the dreamer had better be careful of wealth.
  9. Dream of reading with friends together: the dreamer would have very good luck recently, it would be the best time to try new things, the dreamer had better carry out the new plans boldly.
  10. Dream of having very goood relationship with friends: the dreamer would get help of friends recently.
  11. Dream of being scolded together with friends by the teacher: the dreamer would do well in examination and get good grades for exams.
  12. Dream of cutting class together with friends: the dreamer might have something wrong with health, the dreamer had better pay more attention to.
  13. Dream of friends having good relationship with the opposite sex: the dreamer might not have good love luck, the dreamer might have conflict with the lover, love would be easy to have twists and turns.
  14. Dream of playing with friends: the dreamer might go wrong in a heterosexual relationship and must pay special attention to it, the dreamer must carefully treat sexual temptation, must maintain the sober and sensible.
  15. Dream of the bad troublesome friends: the dreamer's pressure would be relieved, all the annoying things would be solved.
  16. Dream of turning hostile with friends: the dreamer would have interpersonal problems, for example, would inadvertently find that the most trusted friends were talking about the dreamer behind, the dreamer would be hurt greatly.