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Modern people should pay attention to the daily feng shui of home

Feng shui home for contemporary people is a kind of fashion is a required course. Feng Shui to the body is a combination of science and art, feng shui home use as elements of nature and home furnishings to change the knowledge of the individuals and families luck. Today, many people pay attention to feng shui home, because in addition to improving the home environment, you can also change the fortune, wealth, health and good luck.

The tips of the day-to-day and year-round home feng shui home feng shui feng shui wheel, brave, Lucky Ring: You can make the whole family a peaceful year income of at least more than last year disease copper hoist fruit: the health of the whole family, not to see a doctor. Wenchang pen: the results of children Mengjin.

Daily feng shui of home

  1. reading easy refreshing the scenery outside the window of green plants, can relieve eye fatigue. Out the window this scene, place the asparagus or lucky bamboo can also make more refreshing to read from the book on the table. The majority of people have written to the right-hand window bit on the side, so that the light does not affect the line of sight of the writing, and in the left-hand side of the reading table with lighting can enhance concentration.
  2. Fiscal change without money do not want to have the money changed without money. Necessary to clean smelly shoes, shoe often makes the smell every morning and out is bound to affect the wealth and health. Shoes should be cleaned regularly, counter display of plants, so that shed odor and release fresh air. The door is a bit of gas money out, most people will be the shoes on the door side, avoid financial gas away. Goldfish bowl and placed in the shoe, you can add vitality. The toe bit out or put up to help go out to the effect of extra cash and rise higher and higher, so please do not chaotic pendulum shoes bit.
  3. ring tones into a peaceful tone is a crisp, soft voice, can bring peace, help relieve mental stress effect, placed home the wind chimes embellishment life atmosphere, can be to solve many sleepy wrapped and troubles in the mood volts . At the same time can reduce the hostility, helping the change of fortune from bad to good.
  4. Harmonious by brine couple sooner or relative, it is inevitable that some disputes, so the home should be placed scented things, so that couples get along well. Best soft lighting add warmth. In addition, the glass bottle filled with a higher concentration of salt water, then add the ancient coins can be resolved and to absorb the effect of hostility. So the glass jars are placed in the end of the hall, desktop and bedside can reduce couple conflict.
  5. the threshold a fortune in front if a foot high threshold, to help unite house gas money. As today's families like sense of aesthetics, so only a two-inch high threshold, it will lose the power of cohesion financial gas. Another method can be carved into a space under the threshold bit, placed six ancient Hou coins, coins auspicious objects, not just Lucky lucky, but also interfere with the magnetic field effect.
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