The fluence of ghost gate at home in fengshui on people's fortune

In life, we call the place where we often suffer and encounter failure & ldquo; Ghost gate;, The sad place is called & ldquo; Hell's gate & rdquo;, So ghost gate is a pronoun for difficult and ominous.

In Feng Shui, ghost gate occupies a very important position. It is a very complex and evil place, which is often difficult for people to deal with. Therefore, those who watch home feng shui pay special attention to the determination and avoidance of the ghost gate. If they don't pay attention to it, it will lead to bad luck of the residents, poor health of their families and frequent disasters.

During Feng Shui survey, the outer ghost gate is 45 degrees to the northeast and the inner ghost gate is 45 degrees to the southwest. So, why are these two places identified as ghost gates? In the morning, the sun rises in the East, reaches the midheaven at noon, enters the west at night, and then the night comes & hellip& hellip; The sun circulates like this every day and remains unchanged forever. In the process of this cycle, the place where the sun can't shine or it's difficult for the sun to fully patronize is the 45 degree range of the northeast corner and southwest corner. Therefore, it is considered to be a cold and humid area. For a long time, evil spirits are rampant, which is not conducive to living and life.

In home feng shui, the orientation is visually measured by the central point of the whole house. The northeast corner and southwest corner are identified as ghost gate. As for the layout of ghost gate, there are many taboos to pay special attention to.

Ghost gate is the place that is most likely to retain the dirty gas. There are many harmful smells to the human body. Do not place the bed and sofa in these positions as far as possible. If you are invaded by the evil spirit of the ghost gate for a long time, it will affect your health, reduce your ability of social activities, decline your career and increase the resistance in your life.

Therefore, in home life, we must keep the ghost gate clean, spacious, bright and airy. If the bed and sofa are pressed on the ghost door, the best way is to move it away quickly. If you can't, you should also press anti evil items under the bed and sofa; If the ghost gate is not clean and bright, clean it quickly, burn incense, and often illuminate the ghost gate with light.