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The fluence of ghost gate at home in fengshui on people's fortune

We regard the place to go through hardship and encounter failure as ‘ghost gate‘, the place difficult to pass through is called ‘’the gate of hell‘’, so ghost gate is the synonymousness of bad luck and difficulties.The ghost gate occupies a very important position in fengshui, it is a very complex place full of evil, it often makes it difficult to cope with. So when we observe the home fengshui, we always pay attention to find the ghost gate and try to avoid, any carelessness will cause bad luck and make the family unhealthy and troubled.

When surveying fengshui, azimuth of 45 degrees northeast is called ghost gate, azimuth of 45 degrees southwest is called inner ghost gate. Why are these two places are confirmed as the ghost gate? Morning sun rises from the east and sets from the west in the afternoon, then comes the night ...... the sun operates like this every day eternally. In the process of this cycle, the sun is always sunless, or it is difficult to have plenty of sunshine in the 45 degrees of northeast corner and the southwest corner, so these two places are thought to be cold and wet areas, so evil influence will grow wild, which is conducive to living and life.

We often use the central point of the house to measure azimuth in fengshui, the northeast corner and southwest corner are identified as the ghost gates. We should pay attention to the ghost gate layout taboos.

Ghost gate is the place to store polluted air easily, with full of the adverse breath, you'd better not place bed or sofa in these locations as much as possible.  If violated by the evil of ghost gate for long-term, it will affect your health and reduce your social activities ability and career fortune. You may meet increasing resistance in life.

So you'd better keep the ghost gate clean, spacious, bright and allow the air to circulate. If the bed and sofa pressure on the ghost gate, the best way is to quickly move away. If you really can not move, you should place items to pressure the evil under the bed and sofa. If the ghost gate is unclean, dark, you'd better quickly clean it, cense or often irradiate the ghost door with light.