To find out your character defects by living color

This test method is the color of life France with psychological and spiritual surgery home Ganaesia come up, as long as the sum of their date of birth, you can find out the color of his own life, and thus a real spy deep inside yourself. As there are so God is not really accurate, put pen to do the math ......

Calculation of the color of life:

Your date of birth in dd figures used to write out, and then add the numbers one by one, until the result becomes a single number so far, this number is your life color.

For example: born on August23, 1978

1 +9 +7 +8 +8 +2 +3 = 38; 3 +8 = 11; 1 +1 = 2 ← - This is life color.

1 = Red 2 = Blue 3 = Green 4 = white 5 = orange yellow 6 = 7 = 8 = purple black

Red: passion impulse Mang Boy

Sensual passion inside you, in your enthusiasm at all the people around will melt. However, because of too warm, so sometimes too impulsive, unable to step on the brake, so often offend people, by the failure of the blow. But if you like playing the resilience of cockroaches as strong as death, even fall will soon climb up.

Blue: Reasonably Helping Little Angels

"Behave without transgressing, calm and rational is not wrong," is the general impression of you. Cool you can always get someone's trust, but the cautious character allows you to do more than say, do not easily express their own ideas, so people always thought you were a little gloomy personality, in fact, you are helpful and thoughtful .

Green: bold aesthetic fence

Basically what you do not have personality, to see people that were so, hell that nonsense, while the waves and little minds. You most want in life is nothing exciting life, without any storms. Although there is no strong personal touch, but you are always happy to meet pacifist, but when large waves occur in life, there may be no way to challenge concerns.

White: simply naive fantasy home

Pure as white as you love novels in otherworldly protagonist, woven out all day live in their own world, everything on earth has nothing to do with you, feeling deceived rational, emotional instability exposure to environmental lead thought. Beware of excessive daydreaming as will become paranoid, obviously did not think that would happen happened Oh

Yellow: optimistic, cheerful little fool

Naturally optimistic, even if the sky is falling also believe that there are people higher than you wore, curiosity, anything should go try Caigan Xin, if someone stop you from doing new attempt, he will face strong you counterattack. Sometimes not too iron teeth, listen to others' opinions, to avoid being cheated still do not know.

Orange: to rely on a small BABY sex

You are like a child will never grow up, always need someone to accompany him, as you put feces to urine, sending soup and bottled water, but sorry to ask warm, sheltered care. Although dependent on heart weight, but also because this point you will have a friend Taoxintaofei, so her friends group, of course, your main purpose is to find one who can take care of your lifetime hug!

Black: split personality little devil

You have multiple personalities, while an angel, while the devil, set best practice, comprehension, social force in one, think ahead for you is not difficult. However, you are often in addition to the pursuit of unattainable goals, so all his life in the pursuit of a dream pavilion, split personality would you have to be careful cause uneven impact, so hard for you to be really happy.

Purple: thoughtful thinker

Failing a decision not immediately, but will analyze it carefully before decisions from start to finish, it is considered the degree of lagging far behind, strong self-confidence, will decide early on their own life goals. But you are also very stick, even if a wrong decision is not easily changed, sometimes also learning how to compromise, lest life suffering.