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What foods could enrich the blood and make healthy

If people get anemia, they will feel weak and limp. Anemia is more common in the elderly and children. They need to enrich the blood at this time. The best way is through the intake of nourishing food. They'd better ingest liver, egg yolk, cereals and other iron-rich foods in balance. If they haven't  ingested enough iron or iron deficiency is serious, it is necessary to immediately add iron. Vitamin C can help the absorption of iron, but also help to make heme, so vitamin C intake should be adequate. Secondly, many vegetables contain rich iron, such as black fungus, seaweed, shepherd's purse, black sesame seeds, lotus root powder. They'd better usually eat some. Here to introduce some of the common foods to enrich the blood and make healthy for your reference:

Black beans: In ancient chinese, people have always believed it was beneficial to eat beans. The black beans could make people get black hair. in fact, black beans and blood. The way to eat black beans differs from preference. The lying-in women are recommended to boil black-bone chicken with black beans.

Seaweed: seaweed's color is black, it does not look good, but the seaweed contains the iron. You'd better cook with seaweed to enrich your blood.

Carrots: Carrot contains high levels of vitamins B, C, while containing a particularly nutrients - carotene. Carotene is extremely beneficial for enriching blood. You'd better use carrot to cook soup to add blood. However, many people do not eat carrots, a delicious approach is to squeeze carrots juice together with honey as soft drinks.

Gluten: This is a kind of folk food. The general vegetarian restaurant, lo stalls are selling it. The iron content of gluten is quite rich. You must enrich iron firstly before enriching the blood.

Spinach: This is the most common vegetables, also is well-known as the food to enrich the blood. Spinach is rich in iron carotene, so spinach can be regarded as an important food to enrich your blood. If you do not eat carrots, then eat more spinach.

Day Lily: Day Lily contains rich iron, higher 20 times than spinach. Day Lily also contains rich in vitamins A, B1, C, protein, fat and colchicine drunk alkali and other nutrients.

Longan: longan is the longan meat, which is sold at any supermarkets. The longan meat also contains vitamins A, B and glucose, sucrose, etc. In addition to rich iron. It can treat forgetfulness, palpitations, neurasthenia and insomnia at the same time to enrich the blood.