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From May 28, 2020 to Thursday,

's unstoppable competitiveness will be too obvious today. Of course, ambition is not a bad thing, as long as it is transported to the right place. Even if a little less than other students, even if it is also to fight for a fight, today you are quite strong.

2020-05-29, if you don't want to share it with others on Friday, you may as well give yourself a simple world today. However, you should pay attention to the key points in money, and don't make a big mistake. If students want to grind their parents to buy them what they want, they may have to work hard.

2020 / 5 / 25 ~ 2020 / 5 / 31

overall transport potential

Saturn is retrograde in Aquarius's life palace. You are facing the impact of the environment. In the near future, you should also take the initiative to bear the responsibilities and obligations. Facing the sudden pressure, many Aquarius will still show the trend of escape. Venus is retrograde in the love palace and coincides with mercury. At the same time, it is ruled by Neptune in the wealth palace. You may hide your feelings and economy from your partner in order to get a sense of pleasure. However, with Mars in the wealth palace and the sun in the love palace, some problems will break out in the near future. You should also measure the gap between you and the other party and consider whether to continue Maintain an emotional or cooperative relationship and avoid making rash decisions when you are emotionally motivated. Mercury enters Aquarius's work Palace on Friday, bringing you work-related news, as well as communication to prove your strength and get the support of others.


If Saturn is retrograde in the life palace, it will bring a series of sudden situations. Aquarius will also face emotional pressure and be forced to deal with affairs related to responsibility and future. You will hope to get support from your partner and lover. In fact, the other party will also help you. However, Venus and mercury are in love palace, and they are ruled by Neptune. Venus is retrograde again, which will make water There is a tendency of "overstepping" and "overstepping" for the sake of stimulation and pleasure. If you don't want to affect the relationship between the two sides, you need to keep a rational attitude and communicate with your partner patiently. Otherwise, with the punishment of the sun and Mars, there will be more disputes around the sense of trust and economic pressure. Mercury enters Aquarius's work Palace on Friday to help you sort out issues related to family chores and to focus on your partner's mood in detail.

Single dog: a single Aquarius is lucky in love, but you still have to think about it. You have to face a long-term responsibility to avoid hurting others and yourself.

Companion: learn to give your partner a sense of security.

Career and study

Saturn is retrograde in Aquarius's life palace, and Jupiter is retrograde in the secret palace, bringing a review of the past. Aquarius will also realize its responsibilities, need to make efforts for the future, determine the plans for the next six months, and the overall environment will gradually bring more restrictions, leading to signs of Aquarius returning to their parents' lives, and may also need to rely on family support Posts and resources. Venus is retrograde in the love palace, which will lead to the rebellious psychology of Aquarius. It is also easy to have impulsive choices in investment and emotion. The sun is punished by Mars in the wealth palace. Aquarius should also pay attention to the relationship with older men, which is easier to have economic differences. Mercury enters Aquarius's work Palace on Friday, bringing you news about personal development and work, as well as improving the relationship with colleagues. Some Aquarius may consider resigning or job hopping, but new jobs and industries will also face more pressure, so be prepared psychologically.

Attention of migrant workers: pay attention to the changes brought by the environment, and avoid the impulsive attitude in the face of changes in the workplace.

Note to job seekers: Aquarius, who is waiting for employment, is lucky to find a job, but may not have the expected salary.

Attention of students: Aquarius students are more likely to affect their studies due to emotional problems, so they should learn to focus on their own goals.

Overall Opportunity

When the adversity is over, the energy trapped in freedom of speech and action will gradually dissipate, which is a good thing for Aquarius. It's easy to blackmail you in July. In August, someone will value your opinions/suggestions and even ask you for something. When this happens in the workplace or in the family, it's status. A sign of ascension, and this will give you more confidence to face the challenges of August and prepare for a long-term plan starting in August. 11 days ago, you will find that some people / things give you a strong sense of satisfaction, and if you have a very precise goal, this is the energy to move forward; 8/12-8/16 for new or promoted workers, this is a competitive working day, you will need some networking support, which reminds you: depend on ability: Only the approval votes won can be valuable. After 25 days, you may be optimistic and skeptical about what you want to do.

Love fortune

Aquarius should not underestimate your charm and determination to love this month. If you have a partner, in July or even earlier, you and your lover begin to suffer some emotional setbacks together, as long as you persist until this month, & ldquo; let go of each other's hands, & rdquo; it will be a great victory. For singles, people can win many chances from impetuosity to calm August, as long as they have a positive attitude and decisive action, but we should pay attention to: your attention is easy to focus on people with certain characteristics, if you are preoccupied with the last love, it is easy to find out uncontrollably. A person similar to his predecessor.

Financial analysis

Less money, more work is the difficulty of August, money is limited, but the reason for spending money is often new. Aquarius is easy to be ambitious in financial investment this month, and also easy to see the points of interest in the risk. It may invest a lot at once. Therefore, we should pay attention to that no matter what type of investment, it should not bring pressure to your daily life. Only by guaranteeing the standard of living can we have a better spirit to create additional wealth.

Overview of Horoscope

Last year, after Jupiter, who represents gifts and good luck, entered Aquarius'tenth house, you made a lot of smart moves in your career, although you may not have realized that most of the decisions you made were in the right place.

Complete Horoscope

Last year, when Jupiter, the planet of gifts and good luck, entered the tenth house of Aquarius, you made a lot of smart moves in your career, although you may not yet realize that most of the decisions you made were critical. Happily, in the next year, you will feel this fact from all kinds of events that have happened, and have a new understanding of the words & ldquo; Zhuge Liang & rdquo afterwards. Over the past year, you have worked very hard and this year will be more relaxed and interesting!

Jupiter entered Sagittarius at the end of 2018 and continued until December 2, 2019. Fire Sagittarius and Wind Aquarius are in perfect harmony, so you can easily get “ nutrients & rdquo; from Jupiter. Sagittarius is the eleventh house of Aquarius, the house of friendship and activity. So many new friends from all walks of life will continue to pour into your life. One or two of them are in perfect harmony with you and you will become close friends. Sagittarius is a constellation of & ldquo; Internationalization & rdquo; so your new friends will be people with very different backgrounds, and you like their strange ideas. You will find that they are inspiring, creative and successful. You will be infected by their optimism, and they will encourage you to try something new.

You don't have to stay in the office and write formal reports as you did last year. This year, you will have more opportunities to go out and meet many new people, but you will be able to accomplish the same amount of things as you always do in front of the computer. If you want to set up a & ldquo; fans group & rdquo; to help your career, start right away. This year, you will use your abilities to attract others to you, and you will become a star.

For 2019, it's not important to know what's going to happen. The key is the people you know who will take you forward. So go to some industry parties and bring your business card. You can also participate in clubs that bring important information and progress to the industry. Or apply for clubs that you are interested in, social clubs or professional groups that share the dynamics of the industry. Whenever a group meets a single claim, it falls under the jurisdiction of the Eleventh House. And your eleventh house is about to shine, and it will promote your personal growth.

This house also runs humanitarian and charitable projects, and you may decide to volunteer to make changes in what you believe in. Some of the skills learned in managing and coalescing others as volunteers can be used in your daily work, because if you give, the universe will reward you.

By the end of 2019 there will be a spectacular event that may affect your relationship. Mercury, the planet in charge of Aquarius's true love sector, will conjunction with Jupiter, the planet of good luck, from December 31, 2019 to January 2, 2020. If you are not married, this conjunction may bring you a dazzling engagement or marriage ceremony in the fireworks of the New Year, which is coming in 2020. Keep your dreams alive, because 2019 will be a very special year for Aquarius.

21 January ~ 19 February, planet: Uranus,  air signs

character features:

After full of absolute conscious Capricorn is the mind without interrupting the flashing strange new motivation Aquarius. You frequently do not consider some specific aspects of things, and blindly pushing them forward. You are a rich pioneering spirit of the people. Aquarius people thinking ability than instinct, is an avant-garde figures. That interest you yesterday but not tomorrow. You like to ride the supersonic Concorde aircraft, rather than cycling. Are you obsessed with the beautiful melodies of Strauss, not like listening to Mozart's Serenade. The lack of the concept of reality, when you indulge in a motive, the sleepless nights. People are eager to interact with you, your spirit of innovation and pioneering ideas, positive way to look at things, idealistic, generous and are born with a noble character. However, your lack of realistic, fanaticism, born not live in peace and all things are not too sure, ultimately this will make people tired.

Aquarians are highly personalized, you longing for the beautiful affection between people, but not willing to be bound by the emotional trickle-down. You like to enrich their own realm of thought, like to travel, to broaden their horizons, and like being with people about your ideas. Aquarians can not stand any constraint, you will never force yourself to obey any discipline. If something caused your hobbies, you can pay the price a great deal of effort, the monotony of life will make you upset, even produce the abnormal psychology of the people around you have no way to endure, you sometimes whimsical, humorous extraordinary, but when frosty, confusing, and frequently is not easy to get along with people. You can not live a lie, too blokes, people thought it was a crank, real people do not really understand you.

In theory, Aquarius people who are good at re-organization of all spiritual and material life. But to be honest, you do not have the fortune to in the material, due to your lack of the necessary means. Friendship, your contacts and get to know your destiny will play an important role. You can not live without friends. Generally speaking, in difficult moments, you will always find friends and family and even strangers on helping, you have to be prepared on helping and support those suffering among the troubles, sometimes even total disregard for their own everything. If you are wrong to believe in the people, could lead to huge losses in the material. To be honest, really comes to the subject of money, you are not fond of him, poor or rich, you feel no said. You both well adapted to a frugal life, do not know how wealth carried away by their own minds. Aquarians are the pioneers of new ideas. Give you complete freedom of movement, so you do whatever they want to think and decide, you will demonstrate excellent work in order. You are an innovator, an endless stream of motivation and sudden intuition, so that you had a premonition of the future can be. Very much science fiction writer, inventor, your birth horoscope is strongly influenced by Aquarius or Uranus. A discovery, exploration and pioneering things as well as aviation and rocket are interested, you may also be innovative in terms of photography and film arts.

Aquarius Men

The Aquarius male inner world is extremely complex and difficult to understand. You gives the appearance is simple and straightforward, but the inherent psychological always hovering in the realm of paradoxes and contradictions. Generally speaking, your enthusiasm, willing to helping the people. However, in certain exceptional circumstances, you will show unusually cold and unreasonable.

You both personality and is full of charm, your loved ones can look rippling. You do not want to act by the rules and regulations system, also can not stand any constraint.

To be honest, you are more like friendship, not love, because love will hinder your metaphysical contemplation: Who am I? Where did I come from? I go where? But you will be mad potential into the embrace of love, or all idealistic.

Due to the influence of Saturn, Aquarius male character rather aloof, withdrawn, ideological and philosophical. If Uranus and influence, will make this a male becomes very humorous, like with people, full of curiosity and all the new things.

Aquarius man about 40 years old, frequently there will be inevitably doomed to a life-changing experience. You will change your life, abandon the past, toward a new future.

And the birthday horoscope Leo woman will fall in love, you have a strong desire, the same talented people.

Gemini women and your partner to spend Series Mu, she would without interruption from the spirit and cause you to motivate.

Elegance and glamorous Libra women, can give you the strength to artistic creation.

Aquarius women

Curious, frequent strong desire and independent spirit together. She is a echoed anti customs and do not want to say and do his own hobby.

She hoped that all things are possible freedom of choice and action. However, her reaction is difficult to predict, and sometimes even make people doubt her sanity level, especially in the topic of love. Her emotions and her imagination are closely related, she not only like real people, but also like people to come out from her hallucinations. To tell the truth, her heart frequent stagnation in love, especially when Venus or the moon in her birth horoscope.

She easily go to extremes, there may be one of the most pure heart, the best love, or it may become completely indifferent. Must not let her down, otherwise there will be no way to restore lost her. However, once she really found his love, she would own all smart, all sincerity and they have no retained dedicated to their beloved.

Her love life is romantic, more freedom than the traditional program, she hopes up friendship on the basis of the development of the eternal and lasting love relationship.

For her independent life satisfaction than the pure love more precious than. So, Aquarius female lover must pay attention to the character to honor his wife. So that you will love to healthy development.

Birthday horoscope in Leo men would you feel good, common aspirations and common pursuit your career.

Gemini male thirst for knowledge and sincere friendship, touched your heart. Among the like-minded, you will live in harmony.

The Libra Male inspiration and yearning evoke Aquarius women love.

Aquarius children

All the new things will greet the the Aquarius child's eyes, this may be a small inventor. Do you like people to give you a look, tell you to listen to, and you know the truth. Your ability to accept strong will soon have unique insights and perspectives. Aquarius child may be smart, may also be learned no hobby. This mainly depends on the the discipline content or your mood. This is a reckless child, your ambivalence may reach the supreme level. "Perverse", you sometimes get a people to meet the psychological there is no way to understand.

The Aquarius child's independent spirit is very strong, always like to go looking for the things they need in the realm of ideas, rather than material interests ingenuity. In terms of creativity and innovation, very profitable thing waiting for you, but you never Ying Lee and on, but only the things you like.

Your ideal way space and aerospace, electronics, information, electricity, photography, film, occult or philosophy, as well as the uranium or radium career.

Aquarius born within 10 ° of the basic character:

Date of Birth: January 21 to January 31

Character: This is a strong personality and cantankerous. Erudite, creative talent and independent spirit. Generous man, sentimental, do not like rude hearts full of good intentions, but the real benefit is you aspect or spiritual than material.

Power source: creative spirit

Date of Birth: February 1 to February 9, 2011

Character: to concentrated almost entirely in the intellectual or spiritual life. Vision, active thinking, intuition, and a sense of humor. Agreeable, but always cautious, giving a sense of living in a foreign country you Township. You created for the cause of all pioneering invention, the forefront of science, innovation, and the occult have SHEN hobby. The people around you might be interested in your life and career have a great impact.

Power source: intelligence

Date of Birth: February 10 to February 19, 2011

Character: keen intuition, good thinking mind to give you the spirit of initiative, the real intellectual talent and artistic inspiration will show in their careers, but it can also lead to you as utopian. Born in a 10 °, often do not adapt to the laws of everyday life. Love or marriage will be a profound impact on your destiny and future. An independent or single ideology tendency.

Power source: predictable

Famous people born in Aquarius: Mozart, Reagan, Verne (French writer, modern science fiction novels statue base), Lincoln (16th President of the United States), Edison (American inventor), Diao Er (French fashion design division), Dean (film actor).

All in all, you Aquarius:

  • The unique insight Aquarius said: "I would like to know.
  • Way to express love: focus on friendship.
  • A: reaction varied.
  • Desire: creative friendship.
  • Deceived: a wealth of compassion.
  • Like: go to a strange place.
  • Fear: the loss of freedom.
  • Explore: the internal relations of people and things.
  • Weaknesses: personality full of contradictions.
  • Favorable conditions: the spirit of innovation.
  • Unfavorable conditions: Do not complain.
  • Holiday life: do not like the holidays, or research a novel pastime.
  • Expenses: donated to friends and family.
  • Mascot: harp snails.
  • Lucky Metal: Platinum or radium.
  • Lucky stones: amethyst.
  • Auspicious days: Saturday.
  • Favorite color; blue-black.
  • Lucky numbers: 4,13,22,31.
  • Favorite place: studio, photo studio, the cinema, radio stations, skyscrapers, tower buildings, radio field, meeting rooms, fast food restaurants and learning spaces.
  • Lucky plants: fern, mimosa, philodendron, exotic plants.
  • Living conditions: modern building, you do not need too many personal items, but there should be to facilitate the life of a variety of novel small appliances, the field of view outside the window to open.
  • The ideal living Country: Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, the Soviet Union, Chile, Abyssinia.