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reminder on Wednesday: pay attention to communication

Fit: do not talk to your family about reason,

Today, you may be a little sensitive in family relationships. You need to pay attention to the way you communicate with your family members. You may have conflicting ideas about small things that can lead to unhappiness. The advice to you is not to try to reason with your family. There are conflicts of ideas and generation gaps that can not be explained in a few words.


warned on Thursday: the plan was temporarily interrupted by

Fit: keep alert

What you need to notice today is that there may be temporary disruptions to your plans, and there may be unexpected moments that interfere with you, but in fact, some things should be foreboding, but you don't react to them yourself, so be alert today and keep your judgment about the outside world so that you can make it. I live better.



Venus meets Mercury and is conquered by Mars in the interpersonal sector. This week Aries faces interpersonal disputes, secrets and truths, and personal rights may be encroached upon by others. For example, when a friend is exposed as a liar, and you and your friends are cheated on their feelings or money, it's necessary. Should adopt the legal way to safeguard rights; Or because of the benefit question, but with some people in the circle dispute, cut off contact and so on. The sun's setting in the opposite house, and Pluto's conquest in the career house, also indicates contradictions in cooperative relationships and emotional interactions. Recently your mood is impetuous and extreme, and you need to be more considerate of others'feelings in order to avoid more problems.


Mercury conjugates with retrograde Venus, giving you a chance to communicate with your partner, but also making your partner a bit of a flip-flop. Golden Hydra is also punished by Mars. On the one hand, it kindles the flame of love, bringing some Aries and their partners the feeling of re-enjoying love and many opportunities to play with their friends; on the other hand, it makes you and your partner have unpleasant quarrels because of financial problems, and may even be because of gambling and credulous friends, let go. They are facing financial difficulties. At this stage, you and your partner need to care for each other and understand each other rather than criticize each other.

SINGLE DOG: Although single Aries expects a stable relationship, it's not easy to meet the right person this week.

Companion: try not to argue about money matters.


For Aries at this stage, it is necessary to adjust emotional problems. With Venus and Mercury being conquered by Mars, you are not in good working condition at present. It is easy to quarrel with colleagues and supervisors, and there will be differences in communication with customers and partners. It is difficult to find a favorable development opportunity. Only suitable for maintaining the current progress of work is not conducive to making a breakthrough in risk. For Aries who are willing to resign and change jobs, wait and see. There will be a better chance after the end of the month.

Attention should be paid to the importance of communication.

Job seekers note: not conducive to resign, it is also difficult to encounter "Bo Le" appreciation.

Attention of students: It is suitable to keep in touch with friends and roommates, but pay special attention to money-related issues, easy to be cheated.

Career: With Pluto moving forward on October 1, Aries'career direction and pattern, ideals and goals will become clearer. Aries will be busy partnering, developing clients, increasing orders and businesses, signing contracts and negotiating in the early part of October, but progress will also be prone to resistance and contradictions. In early and late October, it is easy to dissolve the contract, pay attention to interpersonal relations and unexpected situations, some paperwork agreements, information, workplace trifles are easy to make mistakes, pay attention to the right and wrong, travel is blocked. Mercury enters the Sagittarius on October 31 and will be busy with media promotion, justice, International Trade & amp, customs clearance, travel and immigration.

Emotional love and marriage: October is not the peak season for Aries, and some sheep may have to go for it. But because Mercury is overwhelmed and Venus is retrograde, Aries is vulnerable to many emotional challenges, such as a crisis of trust, a secret love affair, old love afflictions, etc. Lovers are suspicious and jealous of each other. The need for love is always unmet. They want more. They want to experience more passionate and exciting feelings. Therefore, they are easy to fall into secret love, triangular relationship and emotional struggle. Some Aries are prone to re-intersect because they are not financially or mutually beneficial. It is suggested that Aries find some common friends, business partners, and things that they participate in as a breakthrough point for another interaction. This interaction, we should pay attention to their mentality, learn to give out, less emotional care.

Money and wealth: fortune is the focus that Aries needs to pay attention to this month. Aries will begin to focus on financial management, investment and lending, resource integration, financing, heritage distribution, divorce claims and other areas. From the overall astrology, you will have some opportunities to make money, but the twists and turns of fortune, pay more attention to the credit crisis, financial loopholes, secret transactions and other consequences of easy money disputes. Astrology is also bad for money back. The October 25th Taurus full moon will bring some opportunities to earn money for Aries. You may have some new ways and patterns of making money, you may have unexpected wealth, and you may also have unexpected expenses. But the full moon will make you feel the importance of material preservation.

Study: in October, there will be ups and downs in study and training. In the first ten days, although your insight and depth of thought will increase, there will be a lot of fantasy and creativity, but the learning state will still feel tense, but also prone to emergencies, changes and other situations. In the mid-ten days, the study and examination situation improved, especially for the arts, writing, mystery and other aspects of in-depth study. In the last ten days, there will be setbacks and gains in learning exam.

Health: pay attention to reproductive system, excretory system, kidney, bladder, skin, waist, throat, tonsil, thyroid, heart, nerve, respiratory system, lung, traffic accident, gastrointestinal, visceral system, etc.

Aries 2018 Horoscope: dormant tolerance,

Aries is going to have a very exciting year in 2018. You're going to be full of energy, lots of plans, lots of Aries are going to be strong and mature, and you're going to be doing a lot of planning for yourself, which means you're under a lot of pressure. In the first half of the year, many Aries realized that their career or lack of interpersonal relationships in the past, so determined to accumulate a good study, although the obstacles still exist, but you will work very hard. In the second half of the year, Aries may be susceptible to anxiety and self-distrust, and competition is inevitable, but you are still excellent, so give yourself more encouragement to learn, there will always be a day to achieve the goal.

Aries 2018 career momentum: good things, learning,

Aries'career will sparkle in 2018 and open up new frontiers. After more than a year of experience, you've got a lot of good skills, so this year you'll also use these skills to develop your career. It's also a good year for many Aries. There may be the possibility of leaving a new job or starting a new career without working with someone else, but it's in your favor anyway. In the first half of the year, your career is progressing smoothly. You will also have your help. The second half will continue smoothly for the first half of the year, but you will still encounter some problems that will bother you.

Aries 2018 love: concealed, poor communication

Aries love doesn't seem to be going smoothly into 2018. Many people will meet peach blossoms and start new relationships this year. But it seems that emotional communication is a problem. There may be many misunderstandings. You'll find that you're not on the same height, so you'll alienate yourself. Maybe some people will choose between two emotions, but also pay attention to the hidden emotional enemies may affect the feelings. The singletons should pay attention to some peach blossoms which are not very good today. Emotional turmoil should be noted for the first half of the year, but sentiment may improve in the second half of the year.

Aries 2018 fortune: tension is growing, and noble people have

.Aries'finances will be good on the whole in 2018. Many Aries may have opportunities to cooperate in this year, and these opportunities will bring you a lot of money. But overall, the financial pressure will be greater this year, you may have a hard time, and many people may spend more money to create their own finances. The foundation is unstable. This is especially true in the first half of the year, but you will be relatively conservative in the second half of the year.

Aries 2018 health trend: pressure continuation, pay attention to balance

Aries'health will pick up in 2018, but it will continue in the past year. Although the pressure will decrease, you will still cause a lot of problems because you are tired, or you often stay up late and do not pay attention to rest and sleep. Some people should pay attention to skin problems this year, or Teeth are also prone to problems. Your health is not stable in the first half of the year. But fortunately, in the second half of the year, many people will start learning to maintain themselves, so they are healthy.

Aries learning momentum in 2018: cause and effect appear, check missing

In 2018, Aries'learning fortunes will generally decline. This year is the year for acceptance of your learning achievements. If you have not been serious in your studies, many problems will appear in this year. It reminds you that you must try again to find out the shortcomings and fill in the gaps. You don't seem to have that much patience, and you want to keep moving forward, but because the foundation is not solid, it will still affect your overall progress.

21 March ~ 20 April, planet: Mars, fire signs

character features:

Aries is the first constellation. The vitality of all things Performance in Aries's body. The smell of spring gives you new vitality, vibrant and exuberant passion. Never begrudge you need to burn the energy of their passion. Not to engage in an expedient, not perverting the blame, and never pay attention to the details. The advantage of Aries is decisive, the paid action and quick fix. This is a pioneering spirit. If the sun or the moon was in the constellation when you were born, then you would be a vibrant, enthusiastic and candid, generous, sincere, strong and brave, quick action, and some stubborn see. The downside is that you speak and act less prudently, are very little attention to leave room for the lack of a cool head and careful thinking.

The Aries love freely and act on their own, and do not want to step other people's footsteps. You never hide their feelings, either enthusiastic or bristle. If you wish blocked, you would never withdraw troops quietly. Whether at home or outside, you are not afraid of a dispute, but afterwards always discard the back of the head, never bear grudges mind. In difficult and dangerous juncture, you can fully demonstrate their own character and courage to get people's admiration and praise. Aries, you do things to never begrudge pneumatic, and would rather pay a heavy price, but also strive to the forefront. All in all, you are never bow to any difficulties and failures in front. Aries people rich pioneering spirit, but easily gives the impression of a "dictator", this is often not conducive to the harmonious relationship between your work and the people around. Aries people move frequently with the start-up and impact, able to attract others to enter the track you want, and allows you to play a greater role.

Aries's Keyword is vitality. Riding a motorcycle, driving a car or by speedboat, as long as the move faster is your goal. If you are an intellectual, you have active thinking and unique observations topic. Sports, military and mechanical all can consume a lot of physical work or career, Aries people can be competent and easy to become a leader. Aries has a pioneer minded. The struggle, to explore and conquer are more attractive than money for you. You will spend money like water once they have money. You would give many gifts to friends and family, or like to do a risky business. When economic constraints, you will not beam to await death, always able to find a way to bail out, and re-open situation, but often did not last long ... you like the ever-changing, patiently and chop and change. These are indispensable condiment in your life, because you do not like the most is monotonous and uninteresting life. The desperate desire frequently haunted Aries, you might succeed, but frequently encounter great frustration. Your future and transform unpredictable passion solidarity.

Aries men

Aries men can be seen as "Superman," you always been a desire to get admiration and marked a new frenzy of innovation driven, like to show the overwhelming spirit. You do not believe that any failure, always full of passion, despite the difficulties. Do you like to drive straight, and quick victory in sight.

Your the life rhythm urgent action almost fanatical. Out, are not easily slip of the tongue and do deviant things at home, like the implementation of their own taste and wishes; Some major things, you will come forward and dedication to help solve the problem.

Aries people love life frequently undulating. You with the passion to win the women, if you admiration somewhat evasive, or courtship encounter resistance, will inspire you at any cost to conquer her determination.

Libra women, especially the birthday horoscope is also this Block of women, you have a lot of appeal. The seat of the women thought you excel, endowed with infinite admiration outstanding, will be devoted to you.

Pisces women with her ​​unique charm, struck a chord with Aries men. Passion with the fantasy, which is the main theme of your living together.

The Leo women would fall in love with you. She can understand your passion, desire support you eternal struggle.

With the Sagittarius women knot and his wife, your life full of unique romantic.

Aries women

This a passion rippling women. Your beliefs, such as San Tai Leisi · Avila; your thoughts as Frost Lats Rees Tang; your passion for life like Isabella Duncan.

Aries women love freedom, arguing the spirit is very strong. You like tit-for-tat and trying to maintain their own views and justify a militant liberation of women, outspoken, dare onslaught, not afraid of setbacks. However, the lack of character gentle ingredients.

You or a strong female personality, full of passion, there is no way to self-control, and even will not hesitate to pursue the men they love. Generally speaking, you do not like in the pursuit of male status.

Aries women do not want to act as a role of a housewife, even if you have to hear you calling the shots. You want to feel the pulse of life beating your rhythm. You always want to do some unbelievable things. If not let you practice to "toss" will be affected, your emotional and physical.

If your husband work together with you in the career that you will show extraordinary talent. However, it should be based on equal basis.

Libra men in this seat, especially birthday horoscope Aries women will win a good impression. You make him obey their wishes; contrary, he often can make you become sentimental.

Meet and Sagittarius male, you will be lingering affection. The generous Tongzhou Friends of sync with your urgent pace of life.

And Leo men became partners, to contribute to the achievement of your career and life boast Jiao desire.

Aries children

The main features of the Aries children are restless, rebellious spirit is strong, it is difficult education. This is a cute little devil loses his temper will spin turned upside down, but the fog of the moment will eliminate scattered clouds.

You need a strong hand and calm authority to guide, you do not turn a blind eye, otherwise, you will soon make you bad. To pay attention to the culture of your organization and discipline, inspired by your sense of dignity.

In addition, for the children of this character, it is important to consume excess physical, allow you to participate in strenuous physical activity. Even frequent wounds stained, it does not matter because this is the basis of the balance of your body and spirit. You never refused to stay at home. British secondary school education, is extremely appropriate for you. In such an environment, you will soon become deeply Zhongwang set an example.

Aries children lack of enthusiasm for learning. Your main talent manifested in explore, mechanical, military technology, and all need a good physique and stamina career. You are keen to discover, explore and open up.

Your best way out is the founder, athletes, soldiers, industrialists, advertisers, mechanic or engaged in forestry and its manual labor.

Aries born within 10 ° of the basic character:

Date of Birth: March 21 to 31, 2009

Character: Things are liable to extremes, love excitement, aggressiveness and lack of discipline. Always like life overstretched firmly. His excitement frequent spontaneous surface now rarely take into account the consequences of actions. It is not satisfied with the insipid life, eager to succeed and gung ho. The rest will make you feel tired, but difficulties will give you additional air force. You at all prepared to settle down, and move on, even in the case of been a complete failure, and vice versa as before.

Power Source: activities

Date of birth: April 1 to 10 days

Character traits: heart full of endless passion, admiration of heroism and passion for power. There is a strong sense of self-confidence, dominated all proud. You need to admiration and praise, did not promise that they lagged behind the others. Heart burning hot and the flames of passion, only to feel calm and composed in action. The way of life need to have the courage to move forward.

Power source: arrogant

Date of birth: April 11 to 20

Character: quite creative and artistic appreciation. Whether it is work, career or other side, you always want to take the road of innovation. Fiery passion and fighting an irresistible force. Never skimp on pneumatic, feelings and wealth. However, you tend to lack a sense of the reality of life.

Power source: passion

Famous people born in Aries: Zola (French writer), Andersen (Danish fairy tale writer), Goya (Spanish painter), Van Gogh (Dutch painter), Marlon Brando (American theater and film actor), Gorky (USSR writer), Bunsen (German chemist).

All in all, Aries:

  • liking adventure.
  • Way to express love: outspoken.
  • Emotion: rapid emotional ups and downs.
  • Desire: a model life partner.
  • Deceived: when the pursuit.
  • Like: outdoor and blue sky.
  • Fear: unnoticed or unappreciated.
  • Pursuit: adventure opportunities.
  • Weaknesses: can not tolerate criticism.
  • Favorable conditions: perseverance.
  • Adverse conditions: combative psychology.
  • Holidays life: commitment to personal plans or sports activities. Buy the latest machinery, electrical products, or something for sports activities.
  • Mascot: Phoenix.
  • Lucky Metal: iron.
  • Lucky Gem: Ruby.
  • Lucky day: Tuesday.
  • Favorite color: bright red.
  • Lucky Numbers: 9,18,27,36
  • Favorite places: bustling; dangerous or labor-intensive.
  • Auspicious plants: pepper, carnation, ginger, onions, rhubarb and aloe.
  • Living conditions: the absolute modern furnishings.
  • Ideal for living in the country: the United Kingdom, Germany, Turkey, Palestine, Japan, Venezuela and Israel.