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On Monday, January 11, 2021, today your focus will still be on work, and because of your excellent performance, your financial fortune is not bad today. Emotionally, when you show your mature side, you will find that your charm value has increased.

2021-01-12, Tuesday

today you need the support from the team. When someone needs you, your motivation will be particularly obvious, and once you confirm the goal, you will stick to it. But today, you may have a little too much need for feelings. Not everyone's feelings will be dead and alive. More often, people's feelings will tend to be flat.

2021 / 1 / 11 ~ 2021 / 1 / 17

overall transport potential

The sun and Venus are in cancer's opposite house, which is still the stage to adjust and stabilize the relationship. Cancer will also be more clear about its emotional needs and consider a more stable emotional and cooperative relationship. Wednesday's new moon will take place in cancer's opposite sign, which is conducive to opening up new cooperation and emotions. It's easy for you to confirm or make public your love or marriage news, but the moon is in the position of losing power. When expressing your opinions and emotions, you should pay attention to the appropriate way to avoid unnecessary misunderstanding or make the other party think you don't pay enough attention to it. Uranus will return to normal in your house of relationships on Thursday, improving the economic pressure in your social environment since August last year, and cancer will easily get the opportunity you want with the help of your friends.


Both the sun and Venus stay in cancer's partner's house, giving you an opportunity to improve your emotional relationship. Cancer will face the future with a more mature attitude and choose the right object. Material is not the most important condition for cancer, but recently you have become more and more clear about the importance of money to emotion. This week's new moon will also take place in your partner's house to help you face and solve long-standing problems in your relationship. It will also help you start a new relationship. Cancer, who is in a secret relationship, is very likely to make a public relationship or marriage news. For cancer, who is eager for a new start, it may also bid farewell to past emotions and start a new life.

Single dog: single cancer love luck is good, easier to start a new relationship, also easy to open love or marriage news.

Accompanying children: economic basis determines the way to maintain emotion.

Career study

Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn are in cancer's house of adversity, which indicates that in the near future, you will get information favorable to making money and making profits through communication. It is also suitable to seek your own value in cooperation, and gain more recognition for yourself by gaining the right to speak. It's just that Mars is in the house of human relations, and it's a penalty with Saturn. Cancer must be cautious about financial problems, pay attention to whether there are loopholes in accounts, reimbursement and taxes, and pay attention to detailed terms and make a good contract in time when cooperating with others, otherwise you will be cheated by people around you. The arrival of the new moon is conducive to open new partnerships, but cancer also need to know how to take the initiative to fight for the right opportunities, in order to avoid being controlled by others.

Attention of migrant workers: pay attention to the favorable opportunities and take the initiative to grasp the appropriate resources.

Job seeker's note: cancer is a good candidate, but you should learn to rely on yourself instead of trusting others' promises.

Students note: cancer students emotional pressure is more obvious, but also easy to be troubled by all kinds of problems in life, to learn to look forward to everything.

Overall Opportunity

Be sentimental and regretful, please put Cancer down on the first day of August! In July, you already know and see too many & ldquo; Truth & rdquo; it's time to summon up the courage of progress to clear up the previous haze! 8/1-8/2 This period, fighting alone, 3-5 days to rely on the hands of others, want to live a better, smoother future, but also rely on the strong support of someone, that person's meaning to you is more important than you have the ability; 11-13 days and 15 days ago or later, some things may be difficult to do to make you feel that the face is very tormented, but & You can taste the sweetness of success by sticking to it, but first make sure: whether these things are meaningful to stick to; 20-25, these days, you may suddenly become weak, the predictions of the results of some things are pessimistic, you can talk to people, but don't expect to be unraveled, because only you can do it yourself. Solve your own problems & mdash; & mdash; believe it!

Love fortune

In August, there is a magic that makes Cancer calm and stable as Mount Tai. Cancer with companions will have the courage to release their worries or fears about the future of their emotions. They can hardly endure the things they love without endless courage. The other half will also get the chance to know you again. If TA cherishes you and your feelings, it will let you see clearly once. Single Cancer, Spirit The richness of the world is your greatest charm. If you let people know you, your peach blossom will not lose to the so-called fans around you - mdash; & mdash; but it's still a little difficult for you to open your heart. I suggest you not worry, according to your own rhythm.

Financial analysis

In August, the financial situation tends to be stable, and the way you break your money is still everywhere and unpredictable. If you want to stabilize your financial fortune, you'd better not make it too easy to pay: if you choose to spend money by sweeping code or paying by credit card, it will make you lose sensitivity to numbers, which will make you spend a lot of money unintentionally. If you have some spare money, you can set up a health fund for yourself or your family.

Overview of Horoscope

Over the past seven years, as your industry and company have changed, you seem to have experienced more ups and downs in your career. Between 2011 and 2018, you may leave a company you have long been loyal to and go into a new industry, or start your own business & hellip;

Complete Horoscope

Over the past seven years, as your industry and company have changed, you seem to have experienced more ups and downs in your career. Between 2011 and 2018, you may leave a company that you have long been loyal to, go into a brand new industry, or start your own business. You may even find a job that gives you a lot of autonomy and freedom, without too much supervision.

Uranus will enter Taurus on March 6 and stay here until 2026. Career fluctuations will end. Once Uranus enters the Saturn constellation Taurus, the perfect harmony between Uranus and your solar constellation, mdash; & mdash; and Cancer, the water sign, will light up your friendship, interpersonal and activity areas, bring many new faces to your life, and some people will become your good friends because they are inspiring to you.

At the end of 2018, Jupiter quietly entered Sagittarius and did not leave until December 2 next year. Starting in 2019, it will help you get out of your sixth house routine, and your work will become more interesting without having to create more tasks for long-term planning. With Jupiter in Sagittarius, software and hardware in your workplace may be upgraded to make your work environment more comfortable.

In addition, Jupiter in Sagittarius will give you the strongest physical condition in more than 10 years this year. If you need professional advice from a doctor for special treatment or surgery problems, you may find a doctor who knows your situation and is trustworthy through search research.

Saturn, the planet of Master Yan, will be opposed to your sun and will be a bit of a drain. If you fall in love with someone who makes you want to marry, take your time and meet that person's friends and family to get a full picture of his or her life. Saturn can also have an impact if you get married or have a long-term business relationship. Sometimes Saturn represents not a partner, but an aggressive competitor, who will outperform you by outperforming your business strategy. Be aware of these possibilities.

If you are single and have settled down with someone since 2018, that person may be with you for a long time, most likely for a lifetime. If you don't have any partners, the new moon on November 4 may offer you opportunities in the coming days. If you already have a partner, you will get more attention from your partner after this new moon.

In addition, when Mars enters Scorpio from November 19 to January 3, 2020, it will fill your fifth house with love, bring you happiness, passion and romance, and ensure you have a happy and loving holiday.


22 June ~ 22 July, planet: Moon, water signs

character features:

Cancer began in the summer constellation summer reclusive, ideological conservative and sensitive character to bring this constellation, which is the need to protect themselves. Born in this constellation, mother (fatherly) enthusiasm, filled with childlike purity and innocence, there is a strong braking force. Your philosophy of life is: to make themselves and others are happy to do so. Enough to meet your own hands to create a limited happy heart, but always worry that someone will take away this happiness, so you caught too much you have in the spiritual and material. The advantages of this constellation is warm, modest, honest, careful, calm, delicate feelings, sincere, loyal and wealthy organizations to both patient and perseverance. What are your weaknesses passive character, ideological conservative, relying on strong, paranoid worry, easily manufacturing alarmed atmosphere, often at a loss in real danger of immediate. This constellation or appetite excessive or lack of appetite. In addition, the main drawback of the stubborn, doubts and chauvinism is born in the summer of Cancer. If the Moon and Neptune poor orientation of certain Cancer vulnerable dreamy wandering career attract, its fate is unpredictable, and sometimes even tragic.

Superior intuition and sensitive is the main character of Cancer. This constellation most people prefer to live in a charming fantasy, quite some put the dream in the waves, always focussed on the mood of thinking in the sky. You not adapt to the pace of life, spin Seoul disappearing in favor of the quiet environment and atmosphere to arouse your imagination and feelings. This is a life as only the people of the United States, you do not want to be straight to the contradictions and conflicts in life, including heart and in reality you are trying to own these numerous cut off. You frequent deep should the mood of the film or novel character or field, slowly chewing and unforgettable ...... you may be longer period to maintain the innocence of childhood. Feelings of sincere and frank, but the character is relatively fragile. Frequently worried, afraid of other people step on the sensitive point walk. If no strong influence of Mars, Uranus or the Sun in your birth horoscope, you do not love the spotlight and reclusive character tends to form. You do not like making a new friend casually reluctant to express their opinions and do not grasp things. Can rely on. You will always be with your family, especially your mother to maintain a close relationship. At work, your sensitivity often bring you trouble, a trace of difficulties can make your heart strong reactions. On the contrary, when you feel deeply trust of others, you will establish a good relationship with the people around, to inspire boundless sincerity and creativity.

Cancer people often unconsciously looking for protection, look for a model to follow, or to welcome you and make you give full play to the wisdom of the group to move closer. Generally speaking, you need to trust and protection of others, you need a suitable for your living and working environment. This constellation of people very easily win the goodwill and support of others. Strange things perceived ability, I believe the opportunity, In fact, the god of happiness is indeed a frequent miraculously appear in front of you.

Cancer talent imagination, music, paintings, novels, films and fantasy creation. In the fantasy you like to play a role, from which to confirm their own value and find the required self-confidence. Ruler Moon impact on you, you might be well received by the audience cult actor. Your passion and artistry deeply touched the hearts of the audience. Especially when the moon is in the ecliptic I, VII, Ⅹ Palace. Because of your unique sense of responsibility and organizational skills, so that you can win credibility in public contact work, and play your intellect. In addition, this constellation of people generally like delicious cuisine, enjoy the excellent cooking techniques, the hotel industry, the hotel industry, food trade is also to Cancer ideal career development. You outstanding in the care of the sick. Generally speaking, the Cancer people are not good in the eyes of the public to express themselves. You tomorrow for themselves and their loved ones, often too much to worry about. Adult, your economic situation there will be unexpected turn for the better machine.

Cancer men

At least on the surface, this is a full of warmth and love people who are obedient. Only in your territory - family, wife and children body concentration or together with his close friends, in order to express the inner joy comfort. Are you approachable, easy to get along with, very willing to helping the people. Delicious frequent lifting your appetite. Reclusive, while longing for the beautiful travel and exotic adventure. Sedate and attractive, and study and have their own insightful. Treat career and life very seriously, however, sometimes in spite of the reality opinionated topic or things that do not get you approved, you will be taken tenacious resisted.

In general, mothers play a vital role in your life, or that it is hard to get rid of her mother's influence, you can even try to seek the same love through love.

You really need the confidence of others, the need for warmth. The your heterosexual emotional needs than the other, or both Chief need. Introverted and somewhat passive. Sensitive you are easily offended by others intentional or unintentional lack of enthusiasm or neglect.

You'd rather far from those tangled or unpleasant things, because you is very susceptible to a variety of dysphoric affect. Better sight of the men with their inclination is not congenial, you will sense the poor mood would rather silent or leave.

Cancer men truly happy in the body of your children, you will own all of the fatherly dedicated to you. Family is sacred Orchestra. This genuine fatherly love to bring you what you must do not mess with the balance of the spiritual.

Birthday horoscope Capricorn women are good at to assume the responsibilities of life, and helping the freed from the overload busy.

You like with you, full of warmth, love fantasy Pisces women.

Warm Scorpio women can evoke your emotions.

Cancer women

This is an area full of fantasy naive and warm women. Your senses will awake only touched the imagination window. Is a state of mind forever young, deep in thought frequently hazy consciousness "girl". You love, but often do not know who really make you enchanted. When people trust you, you will be full of warmth, humor and poetry. However, your sensitive nerve frequently go haywire, silent in the accumulated discontent and Youyuan.

You always nostalgia for the past a certain thing: your childhood or marriage failed to do so ...... you like a clear and deep soft harmonic music; appreciate the art of simple and smooth; ideal of the pursuit of deep and graceful. Frequent self-reflection and analysis, you think to yourself, do not quite understand.

You need a quiet, harmony and security; your desire for a pleasant living environment can trigger the imagination; like the tire shell attached stone as you like to stay in their own little world. Melancholy atmosphere, concrete construction and decoration will make you no way to endure oppression. Do you like to own home into a temple to cultivate Mind.

Youth, your family has a great influence on you, and sometimes even delay your wedding.

Generally speaking, the maternal disposable balance on your body and mind. Feelings of motherly love in this constellation of women who have been fully reflected. Once you have a family, you will go all out to train and educate our children, for our children all the love you gave up.

If you do not Passed somehow raised an sadness, your temperament is gentle and pleasant. How do you just want to make their loved ones excitement and satisfaction. Do you desire from an elderly male fatherly love or protection. Birthday horoscope Capricorn men will understand your desire to bring comfort and love you need.

Taste appeals to you with heavy feelings of Pisces male.

You will indulge in the intense emotional Scorpio male.

Cancer children

Cancer of the salient features of the child's personality is sensitive. Sometimes you may be sensitive to the extent that is hard to understand. You need the warmth of the family, parents divorced, not or your tragedy, you blow a bigger impact than anything else,, marked deeply imprinted in your thoughts, and even affect your life, but also increased Your innate sense of insecurity. Your mother you and your fate is critical, especially when the moon has a strong influence in your birth horoscope.

Cancer kids most of the time is docile temperament lovely. Your main drawback is capricious. This emotional ups and downs due to your sensitive character. Are you quick to anger. Who has not seen hiding in his room. Cancer is a constellation that will shed a lot of tears, which means that the Cancer child good-natured, impressionable, if this feature you can grasp the will to fully mobilize the enthusiasm.

You love strange things are very strong. Blurred magic story, adventure travel or adventure in mind and will make you fascinated. Learning, inspire you imagine courses: literature, history, music, painting, geography, you can learn a good job, your hobby is very thin and subject to rote.

Your ideal career way out: in contact with the public career, music, poetry, fantasy creation, the Navy, the film, theology, food trade, hotel industry or medical work.

Cancer the basic personality of the people born in the 10 °

Date of Birth: June 22 to July 1, 2011

Character: rich imagination, very sensitive. Sometimes insignificant things will make you feel you are being maligned, but also make you excited. Docile temperament, like fantasy, and often dream Ji escapism. Relatively good at rhetoric, stonewalls and Literature and theater cooperation in order. There is a certain charm. But not enough emotional chaos, and sometimes caught demoralized. You need the most is the understanding and encouragement, because the lightest your emotions vulnerable people around.

Power source: attractive

Date of Birth: July 2 to 12 days

Character: great talent lurking, psychology and frontier capacity is more prominent. Thinking dominated by intuition and fantasy. A sense of joy and anxiety have a strong sense. Heart good, frank, honest, but easily offended you willing to engage in any business will exhibit excellent endurance and creativity. Like to travel, memories of old things and a variety of entertainment activities.

Power source: found

Date of Birth: July 13 to 22

Character: gentle temperament and romantic feelings. A less willing to be innovative in terms of actual idealist. Passionate desire to meet life unrestrained. Pleasant, hospitable, Ken tried their very best for their worship of the people. Reclusive, like frequent with something unexpected and uninterrupted change.

Power source: imagine

Famous people born in Cancer: Rousseau (18th century Europe's greatest thinkers), George Sand (French Romantic novelist), Proust (20th century French novelist), the fifth President of the Republic Pompidou (France) Lollobrigida (Italy famous movie star) the meters of according to Ma Diai, (French contemporary singer).

All in all, you Cancer:

  • The sensitive Cancer said: "I think".
  • Way to express love: gentle.
  • A: focus on the feelings of the people.
  • Desire: to protect people, to love their child's father (or mother).
  • Fraud: cowardly, but your family will always be sacred and inviolable.
  • Like: escapism.
  • Fear: there is no reliable protection.
  • Pursuit: The various programs are making the United States.
  • Weaknesses: irritability.
  • Favorable conditions: honest, reclusive.
  • Adverse conditions: careless.
  • Holiday life: to the water's edge.
  • Expenses: for their own family and home.
  • Mascot: silver crescent.
  • Lucky Metal: Silver.
  • Lucky stones: crystals and pearls.
  • Lucky Day: Thursday.
  • Favorite Color: White and pearlescent colors.
  • Lucky numbers: 2,11,20,29.
  • Favorite places: the water's edge, river, lake and sea.
  • The lucky plants: water lilies, willows, poppy, Yu Beauty, cucumbers, melons, and all aquatic plants.
  • Living conditions: the romantic house, the best hidden in the green, antique. A warm fire burning in the fireplace, covered with an atmosphere of tranquility and harmony in the home.
  • Ideal travel home countries: the Netherlands, Morocco, Algeria, Scotland, Paraguay, Mauritius, Senegal, Indonesia Java.