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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Suitablele: Maintain patience

Today we need to pay attention to: today you want to do a good job, but the reality makes you encounter many difficulties, or always encounter some obstacles or delays. You can only succeed if you have enough patience and have experienced all these difficulties. So don't be afraid of obstacles, make your heart stronger and be patient.

The Moon falls in Virgo 18.08 degrees - Libra 2.50 degrees (here refers to the daily trajectory of the moon)r

2019;04-18, Thursday

reminds: Watch out for emotional mattersrnSuitable: Ask your heart r nToday, we need to pay attention to: Today, you will be doing things smoothly, you can take a good grasp of the previous thorny problems solved. What is worth noting today is the emotional aspect. Singles are expected to establish stable emotions. The other half asks more about their own feelings. Don't pick on each other and forget their original feelings.

The Moon Sets in Libra 2.50 Degree - Libra 17.30 Degree (here refers to the daily trajectory of the moon)rn


It's still a tough week for Capricorn. Saturn and Pluto are in the house of Capricorn's life, and at the same time they are in the house of the family's Sun Penk, which reminds you to pay attention to the health problems of male elders. In the near future, you have to shoulder the burden of taking care of your family, such as going home for the health of your parents, taking leave to take your elders home to see a doctor, etc. You may also learn family-related secrets through communication with your elders and be disappointed with some people. Although you are not satisfied with your current life, you lack the courage to change the situation in the short term, and it is difficult to ignore your parents'feelings. You should pay attention to emotional problems and learn to reduce stress. Jupiter retrograde in the secret house on Thursday, while communicating with Venus, Mercury and Neptune Penk in the house of communication. In the next four months, Capricorn will be required to develop the habit of introspection and maintain a low-key, pragmatic attitude in order to avoid being troubled by interpersonal and communication.


Recently, Capricorns are affected by family pressure. It's hard for you to have time and energy to appreciate your partner's feelings. At the beginning of the week, the moon falls in the house of love and forms a favorable three-phase relationship with Saturn and Pluto in the house of life, giving you the opportunity to open your heart and communicate with your partner. It's just that each of you has its own stand and principle, and there may be misunderstandings because of differences in communication. Suggestions to pay more attention to each other's needs, take the initiative to release the knot, can also avoid affecting your relationship. Jupiter will retrograde after Thursday, affecting Capricorn's mood. You will need the care and guidance of your partner more in the next four months. But you also need to learn to solve problems by your own ability. If you rely too much on your partner, you will likely have conflicts again, or even break up because you are overburdened.

Single Dog: Single Capricorn has a chance to meet new people recently, but it is very stressful and difficult to find the right person to leave the single dog team.

Partner: Don't be serious about what has happened.

Career studiesrnMercury and Venus, Neptune in Capricorn's communication uterus, bring you the opportunity to reunite with your deceased, you may also be in contact with old friends, old classmates, get opportunities related to work, cooperation, but by the impact of Jupiter Penk, these news may be wrong, or there is a certain risk. It is suggested that Capricorn should not rush for success. It is not an opportune time at present. It is better to adjust working attitude first, fulfill the task at hand steadily and work in accordance with the schedule, so that there will be better development opportunities. Jupiter's arrival will give you more opportunities to reflect and learn, but it will also delay the arrival of plans and funds, so Capricorns should also pay attention to the problems of accounts and taxes, so as to avoid the wrong number of checks, which will affect other people's evaluation of your ability.

Attention of migrant workers: learn to take the initiative to shorten the distance between colleagues, but also pay attention to the way of communication with male colleagues.

Job seekers note: Although the elders will offer to help you find a job, this week Capricorn's job hunting is not so good, it's still difficult to find a suitable job opportunity, and it's easy to get into friction with others in the process of job hunting.

Students'attention: Capricorn students should take care of the health of their elders. They may have unpleasant discussions with schools and teachers around the issue of fairness or not, and even cause events that are valued by parents.

April planet involves the position of family and family. This is a stage of spiritual growth. We have to go deep into our "past" and what influence family has given us to understand the origin of our inner fear and vulnerability. If we do not understand our past well, you will find that in the future, no amount of social achievements will bring peace and value.

4.20 Before the Sun comes to your fourth house, we need more power in the family, more discovery of our own uniqueness, to affirm our value. If we can understand our past objectively at this stage and explore the deep inner thoughts, an irreplaceable sense of steadfastness in the future will serve as a solid foundation for life.

In the process of exploration, we may deny or affirm the influence of family on us. We don't need to be influenced by cultural definitions. If we dare not criticize our past and family, it will greatly limit our development possibilities. And, we don't need to follow the value of family to live, it's just living someone else's good life, not yours. I hope you will be brave enough to criticize your past and the influence of your family, and this exploration will help you know your present and future direction more clearly.

4.20 After, the Sun is in your fifth house. When the Sun comes to represent love and children, you can see how we express ourselves in these relationships. If the ego representing the sun is too large, we will think that our own method is the best, and thus deprive each other of the opportunity to develop themselves. In the end, however, we have to lose the possibility of other developments for such an incorrect attitude. Return to respect and trust, things can be solved.

The sun represents itself, but the sun may be too shining, leading us to believe that others can do, in fact, others have their own life lessons, and the ability to learn from mistakes. If we do not have such respect and trust in ourselves, it will be very difficult to really hand over sovereignty to each other, thus limiting the development of both sides.

The new moon of April 5, which occurs in your fourth house of family, represents a break from family bondage. There may also be extreme performance, too dependent on the family, or anxious to get rid of the bondage of the family. This also represents the stage of vagrancy. We feel that we can not find our roots and hope for peace and harmony. This is a stage of exploring and finding a sense of security. In the end, you can find the true belonging.

The full moon on April 19 is in your career house, which means that we tie achievement, career and security together (which can also be interpreted as working from home, or family and work in the same place). The moon also represents mothers, which may lead us to rely too much on mothers or female elders. In any case, when the rigidity and openness of the cause are illuminated by the energies full of femininity, we can reveal our true feelings in the cause. The full moon represents the end of a phase, and we are likely to value ourselves by career and status.

In April, Mars came to your sixth house of health, and we devoted more energy to our daily work, or to caring for people and pets at home. These are too complicated things, you may be tired of yourself. This part may also be too obsessed with the maintenance of physical health, in any case, to achieve a balance is the most important principle.

Overview of Horoscope

Dear Capricorn, you are an ambitious person. You are constantly striving for progress and growth in your career - mdash; & mdash; the first sign of Capricorn is leadership. Look back to September 2016 and October 2017, when Jupiter was in your tenth house of fame and glory.

Complete Horoscope

Dear Capricorn, you are an ambitious person. You are constantly striving for progress and growth in your career - mdash; & mdash; the first sign of Capricorn is leadership. Looking back from September 2016 to October 2017, when Jupiter was in your tenth house of fame and glory, it was a very powerful stage in your career. Now, you're going to start a new 12-year career cycle. Jobs may continue to crop up, and the seeds of your previous initiative and sowing may be a bumper harvest. In fact, those seeds will lead you in the next decade or more.

In November 2018, Jupiter entered Sagittarius in your twelfth house of the chart, helping you enter the previously closed door. In March 2019, Uranus will enter the constellation of Taurus, which belongs to the same constellation as you. Staying here for seven brilliant years will be the starting point for you to enter another ideal industry. This is a once-in-a-lifetime astrological trend. On September 28, Jupiter and Venus form perfect angles, and Venus rules your tenth house of professional fame in your chart. So it's clearly a milestone for your career. It's Saturday, but you'll feel the power of this golden energy for two days or so.

Jupiter will strengthen your intuition in 2019, and you'd better follow and listen to it. Influential figures will praise you in private, and you will be helped anonymously by senior officials. Speaking of secrecy, you may be working on a highly confidential project where information about the project is not known to your competitors, and it is highly likely that you and your team members will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement.

This will be a year of self-examination and thinking about the future, because by the end of 2019, you will begin a dazzling new chapter in life, and its impact will run through the whole year of 2020. Think about people you want to alienate. Look at what pursuits have failed to motivate you as much as they used to, and take action to change those situations. You may have to start this by the end of 2018, and it will need your attention throughout 2019.

The reason you need to abandon everything that no longer supports your dreams is that you will soon welcome Jupiter, the lucky planet, who will visit Capricorn on December 2, 2019, and begin a 12-year journey here. Jupiter's stay here will last through 2020, giving you the crown of Queen of the Zodiac. Get ready for brilliant emotions, brilliant careers, better fortunes, better health, and even at least one chance to travel to beautiful cities overseas. It's necessary to be prepared in advance, because there are many things at stake - mdash; & mdash; 2020 is likely to be a very good year for you.

On December 27, 2019, the Sun meets Jupiter, the symbol of good luck, making it the luckiest day of the year. This is the first time they have met in Capricorn in ten years. On this day, you will realize what is most important to you and take action to realize your dream. It's an excellent day for signing agreements, getting engaged or getting married. Then, on the Saturday of December 28, the Sun, the crescent, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto & mdash; & mdash; half of the planets in the chart & mdash; & mdash; converged in Capricorn, all of which are very good for you. Uranus will send happy lightning, while Neptune will give gifts of love, and Mars will surround your friends.

As God's darling, you will be popular, step on the stage of the world, go to the spotlight. People are waiting for you and will applaud you. & mdash; & mdash; dear Capricorn, what are you going to say then? That's when you sing your heart out, because the universe is behind you to provide you with the power to turn your most important dreams into reality.

22 December ~ 20 January, planet: Saturn,  earth signs

character features:

Capricorn is a symbol of the beginning of the winter constellation. Winter no absolute consciousness retained dedication to the people born in Capricorn. Capricorn, especially when there are several planets in your sign, you will be a realist thinking and ambitious people; you easily warm feelings to conquer a strong dedication . You look calm and indifferent, not easy to close, like outliers alone. You afraid of being meaningless conversation will occupy your precious time, you can not accept other people rude stern and serious, deep, consistent, loyalty, integrity, and the dedicated. In addition, you rock-solid, uncompromising, do not tolerate tolerance, never reported any illusions. You reclusive like to shut himself in an ivory tower, this baptism to experience the passion is much better than you. Caution may make you miss very much opportunity, so you will have a sense of disappointment and underappreciated. However, you do have a strong sense of responsibility, hard workers and outstanding organizer. Capricorn brilliant future need to unremitting efforts for the climb mountains. Your success depends mainly on your hard-working spirit and your ability to work, we can not expect the gift of luck. You do not like doing nothing, doing nothing, your sense motivates you to improve the quality of their work and living environment without interruption.

Capricorn is the main cause of frequent disregard personal life. Everything from the most realistic point of view, the down-to-earth to start from zero, and the pursuit of tangible results. You desire to succeed, perhaps this is in order to compensate for the heart of a certain need or the deep sense of loneliness, but you will never be confused feelings and career. Your logical thinking and objective attitude and sense of organization may make you into vocational To bit, and sometimes lead you to the social or political life on the road up. Very many national leaders, mainly to the influence of Capricorn in your horoscope.

Generally speaking, in youth, due to the lack of enthusiasm, less likely to win the goodwill of others, and young always difficult, sometimes even going through hardships. However, this situation is anti-will inspire you the determination to fight for their own bright future, if you can own career and consistent, with increasing age, your intellectual upper hand will be more exposed. From the fifties, Capricorn people to enter the golden age of your life. In his old age, spiritual and material will reach perfection, will taste the sweet fruits of your labor.

Capricorns are very dear to their hard labor in exchange for wealth. The overhead useful plan, do not like wasteful spending. Thrift is its true nature. Engaged in traditional, methodical work than the innovative work more easily with outstanding results. Especially when Saturn in Capricorn or Aquarius or the ecliptic I, X, VII or IV Palace.

Capricorn male

Capricorn men rarely reveal their true feelings, is basically a loner. Your life is carried out under the strict control of the critical spirit, high sense of responsibility and logical mind. Passion is generally mobilized by the ambition and desire for power. You are always hard work, the impeccable work attitude. You easily think that others did not ideal, must be their own personal hands. Time will prove your success.

Sometimes you do not miss, do not miss the others, thoughts frequently in Youyi uncertain state. You women maintain a certain interval, because you doubt the bona fides of their feelings. Your feelings are very difficult to reach. Only when you really pour with a female, the deep love to burst out, and this love is enduring.

Your emotions frequently with depression ingredient, has only known or felt when he was trust, your face will smile. Otherwise, you can always silence, without a word and quietly observed. After the wedding, your heart will still stay in business, often busy with their work, there is little free time. But you are very loyal and have a strong sense of responsibility, their loved ones, can rely on you. Your loved ones should understand you, the cyclical depression you do not have to bother Gouqiu.

Birthday horoscope Cancer women are docile, elegance, you can understand your character, and will bring warmth and meticulous care you need.

Select Virgo woman to be their partner, to help establish a stable series Mu family on the basis of mutual respect.

Capricorn women living together, you will be like-minded, strong sense of responsibility to work.

Capricorn women

You are quite self-knowledge, but it is difficult to get out from the inner circle of personal life. You need the understanding and trust of the people think of you. In love, your biggest problem is left to the pursuit of each other. Generally speaking, you always try to use reason to dispose of his actions. Your ambitious than your feelings.

You use a lot of courage and ability to deal with everything in own their own lives, and are willing to take responsibility. You want their own lives to have a reliable material security, so as to feel calm heart. Because you always worry about losing anything, even in the case of off material living conditions, this unnecessary motives often come to mind. Saturn in your birth horoscope strong influence, or it was bad orientation of the moon or Venus, then depression will be your life partner there is no way to get rid of. Once you have found the ideal lover, you will dedicate themselves to the life, and the greatest ability to go on helping and caring for her husband, children, never have any complaints. If you love has been an unexpected setback, you will cause to seek joy and comfort to use their talents to achieve spiritual balance.

Capricorn women like a sincere Cancer male, his warmth will make you cheerful.

Virgo men will be ideal and happy marriage.

With Taurus male go the same way, to establish a stable series Mu family.

Capricorn children

Capricorn children mature, especially early, very young to enter the ranks of adult frequent psychological defense of people and things.

At school you may be a lonely child, which easily enables you to produce profound sad mood. To do this, you should urge you to go outdoors and students together, laughing, express Exhibition mood, it will give your body and mind to a heavy dull.

Capricorn children a love of learning, their accumulated knowledge and strict organization and discipline. Like collect and classified. This is a learning, working and living in an orderly, excessive pursuit of the perfect child, regardless of anything you want to do excellence, these fine qualities will be on helping you to embark on an important post. Very many scholars and politicians are born in this constellation.

Capricorn child is very severe, serious, should not be snubbed, which is the basis for your pursuit of progress.

Your ideal way governance, industry, archeology, financial, political and wholesale trade as well as on land, geology career.

Capricorn born within 10 ° of the basic character:

Date of Birth: December 22 to December 31

Character: This is a both withdrawn ambition character. Often the first to weigh the pros and cons before taking action, do not like to speak straight to the point. Have a strong work ethic and organization and discipline, and never gave way and it paved the way for you to achieve excellence. However, you sometimes lack self-confidence and trust of others, which is a frequent melancholy distressed one of the root causes. In order to achieve your ideal, you hesitate to make any hard work.

Power source: Achievements

Date of Birth: January 1 to January 10, 2011

Personality characteristics: a high degree of enthusiasm and hardworking spirit. Persistent beliefs and stick to ideas, you will unswervingly along a road along this road, and never dreams. Passions and certain self-consciousness is too strong.

Power source: a sense of reality

Date of Birth: January 11 to January 20, 2011

Character: always in the pursuit of perfection. Excellent intelligence, learning and research talent. Character integrity, self-knowledge, but tend to be indecisive, easily discouraged. Often succumb to the situation, and the lack of ability to self-transcendence.

Power Source:

Famous people born in Capricorn: Moliere (France great playwright of the 17th century), Pasteur (French microbiologist), Mao Zedong, Stalin, Sadat (former Egyptian president).

All in all, Capricorn:

  • Prudent Capricorn said: "I do not believe".
  • Way to express love: the rich and rational.
  • A: Like no later than the disease, thoughtful man.
  • Desire: to bear the love of family obligations.
  • Deceived: afraid to try.
  • Like: go to work.
  • Fear: being late.
  • Pursuit: always right.
  • Weaknesses: involved in the incident.
  • Favorable conditions: time.
  • Adverse conditions: doubts.
  • Holiday life: mountaineering, chess, cave explorers.
  • Expenses: to expand their economic accumulation.
  • Lucky Metal: Lead.
  • Lucky Gem: Onyx
  • Favorite color: black or navy blue.
  • Auspicious days: Saturday.
  • Lucky numbers: 8,16,26,35.
  • Favorite places: the ancient rocks landscape and the quiet of the forest.
  • Lucky plants: belladonna, ivy, cypress, coriander, Mandala, raspberry.
  • Living conditions: indoor covered with a quiet atmosphere, chilly; antique furniture and furnishings, antiques, traditional arts and crafts.
  • The ideal living Country: Greece, Albania, Bolivia, Mexico, Afghanistan, India, Bulgaria.
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