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Detailed constellation fortune in 2015

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Aries fortune in 2015


You will have excellent luck in 2014. The new moon in 2014 will light up your Palace of career, that round moon will bring you extraordinary opportunities in 2015. You need to be ready for any job opportunity, or have all kinds of advices. Interestingly, Uranus will begin to go anterograde from December 21, 2014, then your life will quickly begin to move forward until July 26, 2015. During this period you'd better work hard to pursue a variety of cherished goals, and achieve significant progress.

It is very important to put pressure on yourself to go forward, you will get a new job in January, your fortune table shows this job is not just a parallel shift, but to be able to let you have significant progress in responsibility and influence. In January, Pluto (representing power), Sun (representing authority), Mercury (representing communication) and Venus (representing charm) will guard around your constellation to help you cause a VIP's appreciation.

Your major advance will occur in late December, 2014, you will make progress and complete details in January, 2015. You wlll get all of the VIP's appreciation at the same time. You'd better set your target high, because these planets can give you a job, an you can have an influential authority and the responsibility and authority to exercise in this job. If you make money rely on your mind or art, or your job is to assist a talented artist, you will have very good performance from January to August in 2015.

As I said, January is an important month for you. You will change the life trajectory in 2015 completely, so go toward bravely now!

【Messuage & Wealth】

Saturn had been holding you back since 2012. You have a number of problems: such as student loans or identity theft, or an unearned legacy, or a bank mortgage that you spent a long time in bargaining or your past lover did not pay your child's alimony. No matter what you are caring about, you may have felt a tremendous financial pressure. The good news is Saturn will leave Scorpio from the end of 2014! You can have the opportunity to re-establish a more solid financial foundation in 2015.

Saturn will go retrograde back to your Palace of wealth in this summer, that is from June 14, 2015 to September 17. At that stage, you will have the opportunity to handle chores at hand and solve your financial difficulties. Once Saturn leaves Scorpio on September 17, Saturn will not go back to Scorpio for 29 years, that is to say that Saturn will run around the sun during these 29 years.


You will have a lot of things to celebrate in 2015. After experiencing many challenges, your fortune will become better and better. You will open a new chapter in 2015, you'd better focus on love, you will lay a good foundation for the richer private life. The universe will greatly promote your love due to Jupiter's visit. You'd better enjoy this happy hour and passionate love in the first half of this year, you will enjoy your sweet love for several years, even a lifetime. In July, 2014, Jupiter will enter Leo and your Palace of true love since twelve years. Perhaps you have experienced your true love in 2014 already. If not, you'll still have a lot of opportunities, you have a unique talent in love. If you do not like the present lover, you'd better let this person go. You really should make use of this golden opportunity to find your true love. Open your heart and try to accept different kinds of people.

Mars is your dominant planet, its mission is to take special care of you, so this means that you will benefit more! Venus and Mars will station in your chart in February 22, 2014, you will exude boundless charm! February, March, June, August and November in 2015 will be the important months for you to have sweet love.

You'd better put more efforts in love during these months, you'd better produce more opportunities to know new friends too. If you already have a lover, then you will love each other more than ever. You will get more care from your lover. If you want to have a child, it will be the key time for you to have a baby.

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