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reminded on Wednesday: it's not easy to communicate with

.Fit: seize the key

Today, you need to pay attention to communication, may encounter some more difficult to communicate with the object, but grasp the other party's key or focus, can achieve communication effect, so do not rush, to calm analysis. In terms of sentiment, today's momentum is moderate and the status quo is better.


reminder on Thursday: family communication

Fit: communicate well with people around you,

Today, I want to remind you that if there are any new ideas, especially family-related ideas, remember to communicate with the people around you, today is a more conducive day for family communication, what views can be well detailed from the beginning, do not keep yourself in mind, and do not rush.



This is a good week for Gemini. With Mercury in conjunction with retrograde Venus, ease the tensions between you and your partners and colleagues to solve the problems at work. Life also requires you to deal with the problems of the past as early as possible, and may move this week, tidy up the living environment, and closer to the relationship between the elderly, elders. But under the influence of Mars, you may still cause interpersonal problems for yourself because of not careful wording, and may even lose the opportunity to develop with the outside world, foreign countries, in the process of getting along with people do not only care about the results, but also should pay attention to the interaction between each other is harmonious and interesting.


This week Gemini will focus on work and work hard to bring a better material life to your partner, but the busy mood will invisibly overlook your partner's thoughts. Especially for long-distance couples, you're prone to disagreements over distance or unnecessary trifles in your life; retrograde Venus also allows you to scrape your books and ask about your past love history, simply because you don't have the opportunity to be alone with your partner. Don't neglect to communicate with your partner because you are busy. Let the other party really understand your difficulties, so that they can understand each other.

Singles: Have the opportunity to meet someone who feels good, but the other person is not necessarily reliable. Suggest that single Gemini don't Lufu.

Companion: more interaction and communication, so that you and your partner can understand each other's intentions.


Mercury and Venus in your work sector bring you enough luck to solve past interpersonal problems in the workplace, while Mercury and Venus have been punished by Mars. Recently you will also face job transfers and may be assigned to other places or work on business trips, but here you are In the process, you still need to be patient enough to avoid disagreements with new partners and colleagues, otherwise you will still have communication problems that will lead to greater trouble at work.

Attention: Facing new partners and colleagues with tolerance will bring you a better relationship.

Job seeker's attention: although it is good for job hunting, it is easy to disagree with male examiners.

Attention: students have the opportunity to go out together for fun, but it is easy to dispute, Gemini need to relax, do not care too much about other people's words and deeds.

Career: In early October, late October, the individual time, Gemini overall situation is not very stable, easy to have a sudden situation, progress is not smooth. The middle is slightly better.

Gemini will be busy with daily life and work chores, job recruitment, team building and other issues, the task is busy. There are opportunities for job search and recruitment, but easy to learn. There are inevitably small people and contradictions in the workplace. Mistakes in your previous work will show up, and you need to review them and correct them. A team member may appear to be uncooperative. When the sun enters Scorpio in October 23rd, workplace performance will gradually improve and its direction will be clearer. The full moon in Taurus on October 28 occurs in your secret house, and some secrets and potential villains are exposed, which can easily cause anxiety and anxiety. Some Geminis may be exposed to mystery, health care, art, entertainment, charity and other issues.

Emotional Marriage: Gemini's peach blossom is still in full swing in early October, and the Libra New Moon on October 9 will help you start a new relationship. But the emotional progress is not smooth. Some Gemini may fall into workplace & office romance causes trouble and trouble. Gemini emotional crisis or desire, are in the ambiguous and dark, easy to ignore and hide their true emotional desire, ordinary people do not know, your heart's emotional little confusion. Mercury will be in your partner's sign on October 31, so Gemini, who has a partner, is prone to quarrel with each other. Being too entangled in right and wrong often backfires, speaking quickly and hurting feelings.

Money and Wealth: On October 1, Pluto will move forward, and things will improve in areas such as financial management, investment and lending, tax insurance, financing, resource integration, and wealth distribution. Previously, when Pluto was retrograde, you might have had a desperate desire to expand the wealth map, or experienced debt crises, capital shortages, excessive leverage & amp, pressure and unease caused by expanding financing, or some secret revelations. After Pluto's direct movement, the fear and unhappiness in these areas will improve.

Study: learning exam will not be smooth sailing, easy to encounter setbacks and resistance. It will improve at the end of the month.

Health: in October, health is also the focus that Gemini needs to pay attention to. Attention should be paid to the head, nerves, respiratory system, lungs, arms and shoulders, gastrointestinal, digestive, visceral system, heart, back spine, insomnia and dreaming.

Gemini 2018 Horoscope: quiet and world friendly, emotional

In 2018, Gemini's fortunes will be mixed. Many people will focus on interpersonal and emotional relationships. These relationships will always bring a lot of confusion and confusion to many people. Maybe you have experienced emotional ups and downs in the past, so most of this year is not very good for feelings. Grasp and confident, you are more likely to hide yourself, do not want to show yourself in front of outsiders, but appear quiet, but fortunately, this year there are still many people will meet to help themselves, whether friends or loved ones, will support you, of course, these relationships will not be obvious. It's very stable. In the first half of the year, many people may want to break through the old lifestyle, change a new attitude of life, but your decision seems somewhat inappropriate, in the second half of the year, many Gemini will encounter difficulties in life, may produce withdrawal psychology.

Gemini career momentum in 2018: withstand pressure, meet difficulties and

By 2018, Gemini's overall career prospects will be even better. You've made a lot of efforts and even achieved some success in your career over the past year, which has laid a solid foundation for future development. This year, many Geminis may want to take some risks in their career. Behavior, because there may be new opportunities in your career this year, and you've already smelled them, a lot of people may want to show off, but be aware that your decision may be a little too impulsive, and you may put a lot of money into it. In the first half of the year, Gemini will face some pressure in his career. You may not be able to handle it well. But in the second half of the year, you will have adapted to the pressure of the environment and achieved some success in your career through unremitting efforts.

Gemini's 2018 Romance: no romance, just

.In 2018, Gemini will have a bumper harvest in love, and many people may start a new relationship. People with a partner may consider further development in real life with their partner this year. Although Gemini's relationship will not be very romantic, it will have a lot of stable flavor, and many people will have a good time. Go emotionally up and down, but this year, you will settle down and manage your relationship seriously. The first half of the year, Gemini's emotional development is good, but there are still some areas you regret dissatisfaction, the second half of the year, you should pay attention to the feelings of some confusion.

Gemini's fortunes in 2018: turning to appear, conservative mainly

In 2018, Gemini may undergo an important change in financial situation. This year, financial pressure will be greater. It will also be a major concern for you. You may feel that money is always insufficient and you do not get enough material support. Many people may be sloppy in financial situation and do not want to solve the root cause problem. However, these problems will eventually erupt, and you have to face them. This year, be careful not to consume emotionally but financially. In the first half of the year, a lot of Gemini spend a lot on interpersonal entertainment, not pay attention to restraint, in the second half of the year, many people may usher in a financial outcome and turning point, you have to face the financial problems left by the past.

Gemini health 2018:

In 2018, Gemini's health and fortune are not very ideal. They may be too busy making money and neglect their physical problems. But this year, Gemini will have the opportunity to review their health problems. You will begin to take good care of yourself and be strict with yourself. However, due to too many problems before, the health of many Gemini children in this year is somewhat difficult to balance.

Gemini learning momentum in 2018: under pressure, learning rigorous

In 2018, Gemini's learning fortune will be more stressful. You will worry about your study, but fortunately, you will also conscientiously carry out your study plan. If there are some weak links in the past, then this year you will try to make up for them. However, many Gemini because in the study of a lot of hard thinking, but also easy to make their own mental tension, the appropriate time still need to relax themselves, do not cause adverse effects.

22 May ~ 21 June, planet:: Mercury, air signs

character features:

Came and went without a trace, distracted and pick, this is the Taurus is rash and changeable Gemini. Lively spring performance of the main features of the Gemini personality is unrestrained, never-ending curiosity of the outside world all-encompassing things. This is a hobby and is willing to bear the spread, the spread of information mission. Gemini typical big city temperament, fast-paced life, every day, there are a variety of activities and arrangements. But sometimes a lack of vision, you will experience the ups and downs in the journey of life. Whenever this time, however, you can find a proper way to control the situation, out of the woods. If at the same time there are a few planets in Gemini, Mercury large influence in the birth horoscope, these tendencies have become more apparent.

Birthday horoscope Gemini, then you may be the pursuit of a sense of freedom, naturally pure, do not pay attention to the details of life. Lively, passionate, romantic temperament and imagination. Ability to accept and adapt to new things. Knowledgeable, articulate, good at thinking and expression, with a sense of humor. In addition, you or a daring daring, there are a variety of the road to success. Your views are often full of smart, which makes you become a inventions and pioneering spirit of the people. Gemini thinking, sensitive, but sometimes the lack of calm weigh environment without interruption Change, such as travel and exchange ideas with others, or to express themselves in all aspects, otherwise you will feel irritable. You are smart, some reckless and nervous, frequently indulged in incomprehensible ideas, just like doing a sense of loving and make themselves happy. Your world is happening omniscient mind full of promise a lot of very novel idea, but it is difficult to put into practice. Not give up halfway, also appear in the minds of two or more new ideas overwhelmed, caught in a dilemma. Your ideas and suggestions tend to be thinking more than you actually adopted by the richer the spirit of perseverance. However, in principle, you are always a pioneer road to success.

Gemini most people like to put their talents to the cause of, rather than to expand their material interests. Your mind in a flash frequently will help your career take off. A person there is an obvious feature; especially good at mobilizing the enthusiasm of their friends. The Geminis are suitable engaged in the occupation of the literature, trade and require language skills. You can come to the fore in these areas. In addition, news, photography, travel wit, flexible and courageous work, as well as the interpersonal aspects of work, you will show great skill. If the influence of Saturn, you will become a great industrialist. Your specific financial smell and psychological sense and good ability to grasp the opportunity, will contribute to the success of your career.

What are your weaknesses restless and impatient. If you are around a pool of stagnant water, not angry, updates and changes you are tired. This is a lack of firm belief in the spirit of perseverance, but also the lack of depth of thought.

Gemini men

No later than the disease, affable. Often give to always be an outsider's impression. The never-ending thirst for knowledge and curiosity, and urges the pace of your life, inspire you to pursue and explore without interruption. However, you rarely have the time to achieve all this. This is a charming and some people would like to vary the color. Like the ever-changing, not like the eternal and lasting. When the charming chords you play just right, you will leave quietly to go elsewhere to attract new listeners. Your intellectual talent in your body. Are you good brains to find ways, is a desire changeable suitable engaged in mental work dry before. Your fragile love frequent misgivings, like irony as the protection of their own weapons. You need most in life is the majority of the audience, rather than an all-out love. Your notepad filled with useful addresses, knows the score, easily won the trust and love of others. All thanks to the artist's personality. Gemini men are good at rhetoric, humor, soon make you appear warm up the atmosphere of the conversation, and you will never feel lonely. Instead, leave friends, partners or frequent social activities, you will feel life adrift. Gemini men are generally reluctant to assume the responsibility of family life, like the life of the "Out of sight, out of mind". Once you are married, the family will become warm gatherings and endless conversation place. Do you want to live a carefree, working time is unconstrained. Under these conditions, you will demonstrate the excellent quality of the model husband very much.

Birthday horoscope Sagittarius women with broad taste synchronization, to adapt to the unfettered character.

Libra women are sensitive to emotions, passionate, warm and hospitable, sociable, she will be rich the Gemini male life mood.

Aquarius women have the spirit of innovation, strong intellectual talent, friendship and firm conviction, she is effective and reliable assistant on the Gemini Male career.

Gemini women

This is an exotic and attractive women. Ideological level open, the heart is full of beautiful fantasy, your feelings as a beautiful Capriccio.

You're smart Ling Lee, some nervousness. The heart is always shining boast Jiao, joy, happiness, love and the ideal spark. Wants to remain in the middle of the carefree paradise, like intense work, frequent activities to disperse their troubles. Easily arouse the admiration of others heart, but your feelings are not readily available. The sentence may touch your heartstrings, a trifle will make you walk away. Guess your reaction if someone a good grasp of your character, it is not difficult to make your sight phase.

Gemini women a strong intellect, good logistics complicated situation and make the right choice at a crucial moment. Do you look forward to boast Jiao love brought joy. Generally speaking, Gemini women will have a rich love life, especially when Venus in Gemini.

This is one of the women do not like bland family life. You hope that the life of the rich, ever-changing: frequently went for a walk, hiking or travel, broaden their horizons, a change of living environment, meet some new friends and cultivate temperament, these are an indispensable part of your life, you to maintain a high emotional basis. Your cheerful personality will infect the people around. Excessive diligence, tiredness, or trouble, often leaves you exhausted and powerless.

Sagittarius men will give your life a new smell. Built up between your family will be full, free and romantic. Often there will be family and friends to patronize.

Combined with Libra men contribute to your artistic talent to play, or to enter the high level of social life.

If Aquarius men combine, the content of your life will be a qualitative change. You will frequent access to the intelligentsia, meeting scholars and celebrities.

Gemini children

Gemini moment, restless, not rushed about here, is everywhere to see if there is nothing new. Your heart like long grass, it is difficult to quiet. Unless there are especially appealing to you, or make you busy. Gemini kid the best parents frequently pay attention to the words and deeds and behavior of their children, pay attention to the physically and mentally to inspire and develop his flexibility. Should make an effort to enhance this practice. The children of this constellation are generally more intelligent, likes to play with the concepts and inquisitive. You almost always show a distinct creative talent and keen perception, especially when Mercury is in Gemini. Generally speaking, the Gemini child love reading. No matter what the book, as long as they can catch succeed you will avidly read on.

Your greatest weakness of the energy is too scattered, very many things are to attract and motivate you. To make you get rid of impetuous not specifically problems, only strengthen your discipline, your excellent talent towards a certain goal.

Your ideal way journalists, cameramen, writers, translators, orator, traveling salesman, businessman, brokers, and everything related to travel or foreign occupation.

Gemini the basic personality of the people born in the 10 °

Date of birth: May 22 to 31, 2011

Character: intelligent and sensitive, great potential, manners were impeccable. But inner duality of latent, failing to always indecisive, overwhelmed or dilemma. So that you can not put your own air force concentrated on a certain target. You have shown extraordinary intelligence and talents, there may flow in the futile rhetoric. Can make your hobby abundant; everything you could just become indifferent tired.

Power source: anti ratings listen

Date of Birth: June 1 to 10 days

Character: you have outstanding talent in terms of inspiration and imagination, is typical of the artist's personality. Stateroom, but are vulnerable to censure. Humor and satire is the best self-defense weapon in your life. The ability to adapt to the reality of life is poor, restless frequently afflict you, and you attempt to escape from reality or strive to change their status quo. For this 10 °, especially the full coordination of a sensible and sensitive.

Power Source: intuition innovation

Date of Birth: June 11 to 21

Character: You have a strong intellectual talent, temperament pure, sincere man, likes to mingle with people. However, you distress or get stuck easily discouraged or lose a clear head. Your idea after another, it is often difficult to show in an effective way in real life, engage in abstract thinking, than to engage in specific work easier to be successful.

Power source: new ideas

Famous people born in Gemini: Duncan (the famous American dancer), Wayne (British novelist and poet), John F. Kennedy (the 35th President of the United States), Monroe (the famous American actress).

All in all, Gemini:

  • Mind active Gemini said: "I think ......".
  • Way to express love: charming and lengthy.
  • One: people like to play.
  • Desire: the unique excellent husband or wife.
  • Deceived: unexpected circumstances.
  • Like: reading and chatting.
  • Fear: silence, without a word.
  • Pursuit: trendy.
  • Weakness: one mind.
  • Favorable conditions: Do not interrupt changes.
  • Adverse conditions: lack of patience.
  • Holiday life: travel and tourism, or meet new people.
  • Expenses: go out or to buy books.
  • Mascot: triangle.
  • Lucky Metal: Platinum.
  • Lucky stones: agate.
  • Lucky day: Wednesday.
  • Favorite color: stripes, multi-color, gray.
  • Lucky numbers: 5,14,23,32.
  • Favorite places: airports, bookstores, publishing houses, schools, tourist destination, no sales stores, intense and warm places.
  • Auspicious plants: Daisy, oregano, fennel, acacia, hazel.
  • The ideal living Country: the United States, Belgium, Greece, North Africa, Sardinia.
  • Living conditions: new buildings, good ventilation, furniture concise, colorful books and records as well as audio equipment, to have a heart-to-heart talk between friends quiet little corner.